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How Do I Change the Front Blower Motor on a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country?

    • 1). Raise and support the hood on your van. Loosen and remove the negative cable from its post on the battery with a socket wrench. Lay the cable down within the engine compartment. Wait approximately 12 minutes before you continue the repair. This will allow enough time for the back-up power sources for the air bags to deplete their energy.

    • 2). Open the front passenger's-side door and have a seat within the van. Open the glove compartment door and take out everything in it. At the upper, rear of the door you should see black tabs--one on both sides of the door.

    • 3). Grasp the glove compartment door on both sides near each of the tabs. Squeeze the door inward to release the tabs and lower the door. Allow the door to hang--you do not have to completely remove it.

    • 4). Locate the blower motor cover. If you look through the hole where the glove compartment door was, you should see the cover directly in front of you. The cover is black and looks like a strangely shaped circle.

    • 5). Remove the three bolts from around the lip of the cover with your socket wrench. Pull the cover off and set it to the side. Follow the blower motor's wiring harness through the hole in the blower motor housing and unplug the harness. Back-feed the wires through the hole in the housing and allow them to hang from the blower motor.

    • 6). Remove the three bolts around the base of the blower motor that secure it in place with your socket wrench. Pull the blower motor toward you and then lower it down from under the dashboard. Install the new blower motor just as you removed the old one. It will not fit through the glove compartment hole. You have to raise it up from under the dashboard.

    • 7). Return and completely secure all three of the bolts to the base of the blower motor with your socket wrench. Feed the new blower motor's wiring harness back through the hole in the housing. Plug the harness back up to the same connection to which the old blower connected.

    • 8). Place the cover back over the blower motor. Return and tighten all three of the cover's bolts with your socket wrench. Lift the glove compartment door and squeeze inward near the tabs once more. Push the tabs back behind the door opening and then release the door. Return everything you had in the glove compartment and shut the door.

    • 9). Reconnect and secure the negative cable to the battery with your socket wrench. Shut the hood, start your Town & Country's engine and test out the blower motor.

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