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Custom Garage Ideas

    Floor Coatings

    • Untreated concrete floors stain easily and are tough to clean. Consider a colored epoxy or resin coating to instantly add class to your garage. While epoxy floors are less expensive, resin floors cure faster and are more resistant to scratching. "This Old House" magazine notes that an epoxy floor "resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean like a kitchen counter."

      Match the floor coating to your color scheme and add decorative chips of colored resin to hide any dirt or imperfections. Home improvement stores stock do-it-yourself kits for epoxy coatings. If there's room in the budget, consider hiring an experienced contractor for the perfect custom floor.

    Modular Storage

    • Organize your garage with modular storage units, customized to your needs. Look for modular units with slat wall coverings that allow you to attach shelves, hooks, and even cabinetry at exactly the height you want. The experts at Garage Envy suggest choosing a universal slat system so you're not locked into buying just one company's accessories. Pressed board or solid wood cabinets with composite counters work well for the average homeowner. Carpenters and mechanics should look for heavy-duty cabinets and counters that can withstand the weight of their tools.

      Before purchasing storage systems, measure every dimension of the garage. Remember to leave enough floor space to park and get out of your car, as well as room for lawn mowers and other large items that can't be hung on the walls or tucked into a cabinet.

    Custom Garage Doors

    • Carriage doors provide a vintage look.Garagentor image by Tripod from Fotolia.com

      Custom doors dress up the garage space. Consider carriage doors for a vintage look that adds elegance to the exterior of traditional homes, and is also attractive on the inside. Carriage doors work on hinges and swing outward, rather than sliding up and down on rails. The Bob Vila Home Improvement Library recommends carriage doors to eliminate the cumbersome door tracks, freeing up valuable storage and ceiling lighting space in your garage. Look for doors with well-made, heavy-duty hinges and latches. Remote openers help you keep modern day convenience while enjoying the old-fashioned look.

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