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Pro Lacrosse Players Salaries

    Average Salaries are Low

    • There are two professional lacrosse leagues. Both leagues pay very modest salaries. Most players earn less than $20,000 a season. Salaries for the MLL -- Major League Lacrosse, a league for outdoor lacrosse -- max out at around $18,000 per season. The NLL -- the National Lacrosse League, whose games are played indoors -- pays players an average of $14,000 per season. Many players have second jobs.

    A Few Players Have Endorsement Deals

    • A small minority of players can earn extra income with endorsement deals, as lacrosse equipment companies will sponsor individual players. In addition, large sport apparel companies sponsor some players. For example, Ryan Powell, a professional in Major League Lacrosse is sponsored by Nike; Anthony Kelly, another professional player, is sponsored by STX.

    Combining Salaries from the Two Leagues

    • The MLL and NLL professional lacrosse leagues run on schedules that allow players to play in both leagues. The combination of both leagues' pay, while relatively modest individually, when combined could allow a player to forgo a second job. NLL has many teams located in Canada, and this can complicate a player's tax situation if he is paid part of the year in the U.S., and part of the year in Canada.

    Injury Dangers

    • While indoor lacrosse can serve to build up yearly professional lacrosse compensation, it comes with risk of injury. Indoor lacrosse played in the NLL takes place on artificial turf in hockey arenas with hockey dimensions -- including walls. This combination can result in punishing hits on hard surfaces that can cause serious injuries. The NLL can be a tough adjustment for players that have only outdoor playing experience.

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