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How to Make a Homemade Christmas Light Up Wreath

Christmas wreaths are a great addition to any home.
  When you see a wreath you automatically know that it is Christmas.
  Many families like to hang these on their front doors, but there is a way for you to make your wreath light up and stand out from the crowd.
  And all it takes is a little bit of time and an extra hand to get you going.
If you have a tire swing hanging from a tree in your yard then this will work out quite easily for you.
  If you don't, then you will just need to search around the house for an old tire.
  Or if you do not have one, then you can just ask someone that you know for an old tire.
  Here are the things you will need.
  • Tire swing (if you do not have one, then pick up the next two items)
  • Old tire
  • Sturdy rope
  • Outdoor Christmas lights
  • Waterproof extension cord
  • Sturdy clips
  • Extra hands
First, you will want to clean the tire of any dirt and debris.
  It will make it easier to work with and besides, who wants to light up a dirty old tire?  Once you have hosed it off be sure to flip the tire so any water sitting on the inside gets out.
  Now, if you have an existing tire swing all you will need to do is start wrapping the lights around the tire in an even manner.
The end of the string of lights that will plug in to the extension cord should be somewhere near the bottom of the tire, so that it can hang loosely.
  Having the plug near the bottom will also help keep the tire hanging in its most natural position.
  If you do not have a tire swing, then you will need to hang the tire from a tree or anything sturdy using the rope.
  As an option you can wrap the lights and then hang it, if that is easier.
Second, starting from the bottom of the tire with the plug end of the lights, start to wrap them around the tire in an even fashion.
  You may find that you will need more than one string of lights, depending on how large your tire is and how much space is in between each wrapped area.
  If you do use two strings of lights, be sure to get the kind that can plug into each other.
Here is where the extra hands will come into place.
  Have the other person hold the sections in place as you wrap, or use the sturdy clips to hold them in place at various intervals.
   Typically the starting point at the bottom will need to be clipped or held in place to make it easier.
  Using the clips on the inside of the tire as you move along will help keep the lights at an even distance.
Lastly, if you do not have a tire swing and have not had a chance to just yet, be sure to hang your tire using the sturdy rope.
  The beauty of not using a tire swing is that you can hang it anywhere in your yard.
  Once you have hung it, just run the extension cord from an outdoor outlet and plug the lights into it.
  If you wanted to, you could also pin a large bow to the top of the tire.
Safety should always be first, so if at all possible try to keep the extension cord out of the way.
  If it is in the walkway, then you should try to run it along the side and secure it in place with duct tape, or any other material that will fasten it in place.
Using colored lights instead of plain white lights, will help your homemade Christmas light up wreath stand head and shoulders above the other plain wreaths in your neighborhood.
  Also, be cautious using this, as it is plugged into an outlet and will probably be plugged in for extended periods of time.
  Be sure that the lights and extension cords you are using are weather and waterproof to keep you and your family safe.
Show off your creativity this Christmas with your own homemade Christmas light up wreath.

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