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Power Yoga - East Meets West

An ancient Indian holistic health discipline, is what best defines yoga.
However, the system has often been associated with the older generation in yester years.
Most gym goers have been rubbishing the concept of yoga, until lately the entire world seems to have woken up to its benefits.
This is mostly due to the discovery of 'power yoga' and its various advantages.
Yoga combines the traditional yoga asana with weight training, in order to create dynamic exercises that have known to produce phenomenal results.
Yoga centers are mushrooming all over the globe.
Those who have adopted the system claim to have benefited in more ways than one.
The system does much more than simply target weight loss, though weight loss is a huge bonus that comes along with the other benefits.
Immune system: Yoga helps tremendously in building the immune system and is therefore highly recommended for those who may suffer from frequent bouts of fever or common colds.
In fact, doctors highly encourage their patients to undertake power yoga, especially if they are unable to follow the other systems of exercising.
Strength building: Right from the body builder to the pregnant lady, power yoga helps everyone build their strength quotient.
The combination of flexibility and resistance training is a great mix for the body muscles and ensures that they do not suffer from stiffness.
Body toxins: One of the most crucial advantages of power yoga comes in the form of release of body toxins.
The asana help in expelling toxins from the body and cleansing the system thoroughly.
This release also helps control stress in our body and allows tensions and other similar negative vibes to flow out of the system.
Spiritual gain: It is wrong to imagine that the body can thrive while the mind suffers.
Power yoga understands this concept well and therefore adopts a holistic approach to achieving good health.
The mind is therefore also given full attention by power yoga teachers, who help their students understand the spiritual aspects of life too.
Weight loss: Though not the most important advantage of power yoga, weight loss is definitely the most desired one.
Power yoga helps loose weight without any side effects and ensures that the body is not damaged in any way during this process.
Indeed, this is one of the main reasons that the discipline has achieved such fame.
While weight lifting is not recommended for growing children and the older generation, cardio does not do much for women who may suffer from osteoporosis.
Amazingly, unlike other exercise concepts, power yoga works for everyone.
Power yoga has no gender, age or ailment restriction.
In fact even women who are pregnant can join power yoga and reap its benefits.
Do keep in mind that like other exercise routines, power yoga also demands a trained teacher who knows the various techniques and asana and can deliver customized solutions to the students.

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