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Self Defense Products - The Taser C2 Exposed

Self defense products and self defense items are a group of tools that are designed to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation and seek help.
They have grown in use over the last 10 years, especially because of the tremendous track record that law enforcement and military agencies have in using them for the last two or three decades.
These nonlethal self defense weapons provide an alternative to deadly force.
Some products in that category include stun guns and pepper sprays.
They are on average 86% effective.
They are much smaller and less expensive than the taser.
Tasers get a lot of notoriety in the media especially television.
I have seen TV personalities often get regular stun guns and tasers confused.
So let's set the record straight and talk about tasers-tasers exposed! Here are some popular conceptions about tasers.
They are used by over 11,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States alone.
That they are used by law enforcement agencies in at least six other countries.
That they have more stopping power than a 9 mm handgun.
That they are nearly 100% effective.
They use electrical muscular disruption technology that short circuits the neurological system.
It shoots out two electrified darts up to 15 feet away with 50,000 volts and nearly twice the wattage of a stun gun.
The cartridges are replaceable.
That taser can be used as a stun weapon as a backup 9.
Taser cartridges have a unique serial number.
The cartridges are equipped with the anti-felon identification system which discharges tiny serialized paper tags when deployed.
Law enforcement can use this confetti to track down the name and owner of the taser device for any misuse.
If a taser is used successfully in self defense Taser will replace the cartridge.
The C-2 is much smaller than the X26C and the M26C at 5 1/2 inches long 1 1/4 inches high and just over 2 inches wide.
The C2 It is designed specifically for women with six fashion conscious colors All of these conceptions about tasers are true.
Tasers exposed! When are you getting one?

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