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Picture Postcards Of Life

It doesn't have to cost much in order to brighten up someone's day.
In this article I will share with you how I have been surprising the ones I love by sending them unexpected envelopes of happiness in the mail.
When most people take a vacation they send postcards back home to show everyone where they have been.
This makes me wonder, why doesn't anyone send postcards to share everyday life or memories with someone? Just about everyone has pictures lying around just waiting to be looked at.
I was going through some of my old family photos when I came across one of me and my brother Jon that really made me laugh.
The picture was taken few summers ago when my brother and I had an unexpected good time together.
We started off that night thinking it was going to be boring because we had no where fun to go.
It ended up being a great night.
We hung out with my boyfriend Justin and our friend James on our back porch.
We all had some beers and good laughs.
As soon as I saw that picture It reminded me of all the good times me and Jon have shared over the years.
Back then we lived together but now he has his own apartment.
I have missed Jon lately and I wanted to share these great memories with him.
So I wrote a note on the back of that picture about how much fun that night was and mailed it to him.
I think receiving that picture really made his day and let him know that he was still on my mind.
I also send picture postcards of my daughter Lily.
We have relatives who love seeing pictures of her.
I print out pictures of her on my photo printer and write a note on the back of the picture for them.
Yesterday I sent one of Lily biting my nose and wrote about how this is Lily's favorite way to give me kisses.
My photo printer makes it very easy to send pictures whenever I'd like.
I don't have to go to the store or wait for them to be developed.
I have the picture of my choice in seconds.
I have also scanned my grandmother's old photos into my computer so now I can surprise my family with pictures that they haven't seen in years.
The possibilities for these postcards are endless, anyone can make them.
If you have a picture that someone will like then you have a picture postcard.
Just write a letter on the back with the fond memories that you have about the picture and it will surly brighten up someone's day.
One stamp, one picture, one story, priceless memories.

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