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Scooba 380 - Mop Your Floors the Easy Way

Sure you like clean floors, but the mopping probably isn't your favorite thing. Well, today you'll find that iRobot is a company that manufactures special robots that will do cleaning jobs, such as mopping, for you. While there are a variety of robots available, if you need something to mop your floors, the Scooba 380 is a great option.

You'll find that this cleaning robot has won awards in the past, and it not only cleans the floors, but gets rid of bacteria on floors as well. Once the battery is all charged up, it will do 3-4 rooms. It contains a cleaning system that works well. First it preps the floors, then washes the floors. Then the robot scrubs the areas that need more cleaning and dries the floors using a squeegee. It does great on any hard floors, including tile, hardwood, and more.

The Scooba 380 has many excellent features. One great feature is the special four stage cleaning system it uses. It starts up by using a little vacuum to get up dirt, sand, and crumbs. Then a cleaning solution is used to wash floors. Special brushes are used for scrubbing, and then it finishes up by drying the floors with the special squeegee.

This robot will also clean up to 850 square feet of flooring on one charge. About half of that can be done on a tank of cleaning solution. It also has a special cleaning pattern that ensures that all areas of your floor get covered several times for a great clean. Sensors are included inside as well that keep it from falling down the stairs. When you purchase this machine, a one year warranty is also included.

Take a look inside the box, and not only will you find the Scooba 380 enclosed. A special Clorox cleaning solution is included, and a measuring cup is also there to help with the measuring process. A charging base will be included, a storage mat is there for great storage, and a method of power supply and a battery will be in the box too. A helpful guide is enclosed about the machine, and it comes with virtual walls too.

You may do a double take when you first look at the price for the Scooba 380. The price will land somewhere near $500, depending on where you make the purchase. This seems like quite a bit of money to most people. You should consider that this machine will last for years, which makes it worth the price. Also, if you consider all the time you'll save with the machine to help out, you'll definitely be convinced it's a great buy.

So, if you are looking for a way that you can mop floors without that old mop and bucket, this is a great machine to try out. You won't have to worry about that aching back anymore when you are done. Simply use the cleaning robot, get it started, and it will do the work for you while you enjoy doing something else.

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