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TENS Unit Back Pain Relief - My TENS Unit Saved My Life!

Have you ever experienced REAL back pain? Those who have, will empathize with how debilitating it can be.

Does this 'Day in the Life' of a back pain sufferer echo with you?...

Night after night you lay in bed tossing and turning trying to find that *golden* position that doesn't hurt.Once you finally settle,you sleep for an hour then the alarm goes to get up to go to work. May sound like no big deal to some but you know getting no restful, rejuvenating sleep means your body hurts even more the next day and the lack of sleep constantly, is very frustrating and not putting you in the best of moods!

So the alarm goes and the next challenge occurs...and the next...getting out of bed, getting into the shower, getting dressed, getting in the car, going to work and sitting at the computer...oh and did I forget trying to socialize...
Basically everything is end up hobbling all over the place due to the shooting pains down your legs, cant carry things because of the huge aches in your get frustrated and frankly, downright now you have to fight off anxiety and depression as well as a very painful back! did I get my life back on track?

A friend introduced me to one of the most underrated best gadgets I have ever come across - a TENS unit! This small but extremely effective machine is easy to use and totally affordable by anyone's standards. You put the electrodes on your back (or wherever the pain is), hold the TENS unit in your hand and adjust the settings to whatever is good for you. I found 60-80 pulses p/second was amazing for me, but the really informative booklets that come with them basically give you all the information you need to ensure your TENS unit works just the way you need it to.

How does it work? Essentially, it's like acupuncture but without any of those awful pins being stuck into you. Have it on a low frequency setting and pressure points under your skin are stimulated encouraging endorphin production; natural pain relieving chemicals produced by your own body. Have it on a high frequency and these stimulating messages are sent faster to your brain than the pain in your back; the TENS unit message inhibits the back pain message from coming in...interesting huh!

Anyway...I tried this TENS unit of my friend's and it was incredible....and to cut a long story short I have been using one ever since.

I use it before bed, whilst eating my breakfast, at work, in that uncomfortable chair in the restaurant so I can actually enjoy my evening out with truly has made my life so much more pleasant and the pain relief can last for many hours and sometimes, it actually feels quite nice when it's on which is a bonus!
Honestly, this was the best thing I ever did!

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