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What to Include on a Wedding Checklist

An upcoming wedding is, of course, an exciting prospect, but the amount of things that have to be taken care of for your big day to be as special as you want it to be can also lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.
Whilst taking all of the stress out of the planning process is not possible, you can significantly reduce it by creating a wedding checklist.
What is a wedding checklist? Quite simply, it is a list of everything that you need to do before your wedding day.
The more detailed it is, the better.
Working out your budget should be the first item on your wedding checklist, as it will have an effect on everything else on it.
Be clear on how much can you spend in total and how much you want to spend on each aspect of your wedding.
Then, you need to decide on who will be fulfilling the major roles for your wedding.
Who will be the best man? Who will be the maid of honor? Who will carry out the other, still important, roles? The earlier this is decided on the more help you can for the rest of the planning process.
Next up should be the bridal gown and the groom's attire, followed by the attire for the members of the bridal party.
The attire portion of your checklist is important as you are going to have to arrange things like rentals and fittings.
Other important items on your wedding checklist are the venues for the wedding and the wedding reception.
Then there is the food, decorations and entertainment for the wedding reception.
Other things to consider include the rings, invitations, flowers, photography and honeymoon reservations.
There are others too, but the ones mentioned are the absolute essentials.
Unfortunately, you will encounter unexpected delays with one thing or another, so leaving any of these until a week or two before the day of your wedding can cause real problems.
Deal with them as soon as you have the time and money to do so.
All in all, a wedding checklist should have 20+ items on it.
The more detailed it is, the better.
If you are worried that you might miss something off of ours then you should browse some sample wedding checklists (which can be found online and downloaded for free) before creating your own.
Just type 'wedding checklist' into Google and you will find that lots of wedding related websites provide them.

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