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Convert2EV Review - Another Home Made Electric Car Conversion Scam?

Would you like to know more about the Convert2EV system that the owner claims has helped him convert his car to electric? I managed to purchase a copy of this guide, and learned that many of the tools needed to do the conversion can be found at my local workshop.
No special tools are required which was good, and I started to put the guide and tools to work building my own electric car.
How Do You Convert Your Car To Electricity With Convert2EV System?
The entire process seemed really simple, but building it requires effort from the user.
Basically, you will need a large DC motor to provide the power and deep cycle batteries along with the parts that you have to obtain from a store.
Finding A Helper To Help You With The Conversion
Even though the electric car is simple to build and entirely possible for anyone to do it alone, getting a helper to convert it with you can be a very good idea when more physical energy is needed.
How Did My New Electric Car Perform After The Convert2EV Conversion
After using the system to match my DC motor with the available battery supply, I was pleased to see my car being fast and responsive when run.
It also runs smoothly and the speed and acceleration was very good as well.
What Are The Benefits Of Using The Convert2EV System?
Converting my car to electric has allowed me to save money on gas costs, which could become very expensive in the near future according to experts' opinions.
I also do not have to worry about stopping at gas stations frequently now.

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