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Law of Attraction Works When You Follow These Strategies

Do Your Thoughts Create Your Life? It has been said by many of the greatest thinkers since ancient times that your thoughts create your life.
However, there has to be more to it than that, otherwise everyone would be living the life of their dreams, but few people do! Are you? So what's the solution? There must be other secret ingredients that help create the kind of life you want for yourself.
Your thoughts do play a huge part in determining your reality, but thoughts alone are not going to make you wealthy and take you where you want to go in life! Positive thinking has become a key ingredient of success in many areas of life, but an obsessive focus and reliance on positive thinking alone, has resulted in a growing number of disillusioned people.
Are you one of them? Maybe you have not been using positive thinking with sufficient intensity.
Maybe your goals have not been specific enough.
Maybe you have not been visualizing their achievement in the right way.
The actions you have been taking, maybe, have not been the right ones.
Programming Your Subconscious Mind The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so when you think thoughts, you are also attracting like thoughts back to you.
Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency.
As you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency.
When you send out a good thought, it will be replaced by another good thought.
Send out a bad thought, and a bad thought replaces it.
So be careful with the thoughts you send out! Focus your thoughts on what you want and then develop an internal belief system supporting your desires.
The best way of doing this is to program your subconscious mind with positive beliefs about what you intend to experience in your life.
By doing so, you are intending to achieve certain outcomes.
You have to pre-program your subconscious mind that what you want, already exists, that you have already received it, and feel gratitude that you already have it.
Remember, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what's real, and what is imagined.
You know what you want by listening to your intuition, and you strengthen your belief system through the process of programming your subconscious mind by stating what you intend to happen from moment to moment, with total conviction.
You Must Consciously Create Through Effective Visualization You have to switch off the autopilot controlling your life.
Living on autopilot, where you are just reacting to situations occurring in your life and not controlling them, is the very opposite of consciously creating.
When on autopilot, your emotions are the result of things outside your control.
This is how most people go through life.
Conscious creation is all about experiencing the emotions, and the kind of life, you really want to experience, by being in control of your life.
It's vital to spend time each day visualizing the manifestation of your goals and objectives in your life.
You Must Visualize With Emotion You have to believe that you have already received what you are asking for.
This means you need to feel the feelings you would feel when your desire has already manifested in your life.
When you feel good, you are putting yourself on the frequency of what you want, so the Law of Attraction can work in your favour.
Create your day by imagining in your mind, in advance, the way you want it to go, and feel the emotions you will feel at the end of a satisfying day.
Visualization is all about creating pictures in your mind, and when you do this with emotion, you are generating powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now.
One great way to help you experience positive, uplifting emotions, is to listen to appropriate uplifting music while you visualize and experience, in your mind, the successful manifestation of what you want.
Music helps magnify the strength of the emotions you feel, so listen to music if you can while visualizing the successful manifestation of what you want.
For this to be effective, you need to visualize the manifestation of your desires on a daily basis.
It must become a habitual way of thinking.
It's no good doing this one time only, or just occasionally.
Visualizing with emotion turbo charges the Law of Attraction.
This is because the subconscious mind reacts very positively to both visual images, and emotions, so by combining the two, you are creating a powerful force.
You must visualize the desired outcome as if it has already manifested, so your programming statements must be stated in the present.
Say, "I am now driving my brand new blue Mercedes convertible with the roof down and I feel on top of the world", not "I will own a new Mercedes car in 2012".
Say, "I am now living in my dream house overlooking the ocean", not "One day I hope to own a nice house on a hill with good views".
Do you get the idea? How to Programme Your Subconscious Mind It's a great habit to spend some time first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, programming your subconscious mind with positive statements of your expectations and intentions, because what you expect and intend, with total conviction and belief, you tend to create.
The most powerful time of the day to program your subconscious mind is when your subconscious and conscious minds are reconnecting and disconnecting, that is, when you are waking up, and when you are falling asleep.
Your subconscious mind never sleeps, so it is working all the time on the material you are programming it with, to attract the people, circumstances, and events, into your life, that will help you have, be, and do, everything you want.
The subconscious mind does not question the statements it has been programmed with.
It does not make judgements.
It merely accepts them as true and factual, and proceeds to act as though these statements are already reality.
So when you pretend, in your mind, to already own your dream house and dream car, while experiencing all the appropriate feelings and emotions, your subconscious accepts you already have these things and works away in the background helping manifest them in reality.
The problem is, most people lead such hectic lives and don't maintain a daily ritual of spending time programming their subconscious minds with statements about what they want, or how they want their day to go, and visualizing the manifestation of goals, objectives, and desires.
You maybe started off doing this for a few days, but, just like with New Year resolutions, you quickly break this new habit and return to your old ways.
Old habits die hard.
This will not help you manifest your life goals.
What you need is a powerful way to program your mind on a daily basis, in a way that focuses your conscious mind on the precise things you want to happen in your life, while utilizing the powerful forces of visualizing what you want and feeling the exact emotions you will experience when you have manifested what you want.
Here I would like to present you with the perfect solution: Mind Movies.
I'm so excited to share this new strategy with you now, because I've had a chance to try these mind videos out myself, and it is almost unbelievable how powerful these are in helping manifest what you want.
Mind Movies literally help you focus on precisely what you want to happen in your life, and then manifest what you want - simply by watching a movie for just a few minutes every day, and, of course, taking the right actions! What is a Mind Movie? It is a kind of slide presentation made up of a series of appropriate images representing your goals, objectives and desired outcomes, each with its own caption detailing the desired outcome, in the present tense as if it has already been achieved, while some suitable music is playing in the background which, of course, magnifies the strength of the emotions you are experiencing.
You can play this mind movie on your computer whenever you want and as often as you want - the more often, the better.
Every time you do so, you are visualizing with all the appropriate emotions, the successful manifestation in your life of all your goals and objectives as if they have already become reality.
You should do this at least twice a day, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.
These mind movies do work, but only if you play your part, which involves watching them every day, for weeks and months on end.
This is how you are going to program your subconscious mind.
This should be fun! Obviously you need to take action.
Nothing will manifest in your life if you sit on the couch all day watching television, or if you continue with all your current routines not changing anything in your life.
The funny thing is that when you programme your subconscious mind with powerful visualization exercises using both images and emotions, your subconscious mind then works away in the background, even while you sleep, attracting to you the people, the circumstances, and the events, that will help you manifest what you want.
Your intuition will guide you in taking the right actions, and in doing so, you will finally begin to create in reality what you have been thinking about.
You have to act on divine inspiration.
Gut feelings, instincts, sudden ideas, and inspiration, all stem from your intuition, which is how your subconscious mind communicates with you and guides you in the actions you need to take to manifest what you want.
Take immediate action when guided in this way.
If you don't, and you ignore your subconscious mind's guidance, then nothing is going to change in your life, certainly not for the better.
Your mind movies can focus on your financial goals, your work/business goals, your relationship goals, your health goals, your spiritual goals, and even on the kind of person you would like to be.
You will probably want to create several mind movies for different areas of your life.
I have now produced four of these mind movies myself, each focussing on different kinds of personal and financial goals.
I watch them first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.
This is really fun to do, and very inspiring for me, and they are proving to be very empowering.
You can, of course, create these mind movies yourself, if you have some knowledge of creating a slide show using images and music.
I certainly couldn't do this myself, but I discovered a quick and easy solution using a special software program with which you can literally create your own special movie in just a few minutes...
with just a few clicks! It will only take you 10 to 20 minutes at most to create your own mind movie with about 20 to 25 slide images which is the recommended length.
Your mind movie is then automatically processed into a format that you can download on to your computer, insert on your website, or upload to YouTube.
The end result is a mind movie that combines the Law of Attraction, the power of visualization, and cutting edge technology, to provide you with a brilliant visualization tool that will turbo boost the manifestation of your personal goals.
Why not have a look to see how this works for yourself.
I think you'll catch the vision very quickly when you do.

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