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Different Ways to Decorate Christmas Door Hangers

    Christmas Bells

    • Bells at Christmastime represent the joy of the season. To bring this bit of holiday symbolism into your home, make a Christmas bells door hanger. Make a door hanger from craft foam or thick card stock and decorate it with Christmas trees, snowmen or holiday wreaths. Buy bells in various sizes plus some ribbon from an arts and crafts store. String a piece of ribbon through the loop at the top of each of the bells. Punch holes in the bottom of the door hanger and tie the bells onto the it. Each time the door opens or closes, the Christmas bells will ring.

    Christmas Ball Ring

    • Add a bit of color to your Christmas door decoration by adding a ring of Christmas ball ornaments that you normally hang on your tree. Purchase red and green holiday ribbon and a medium-sized hoop from the craft store. (Normally, people use these hoops to make crafts like dream catchers.) Buy some bright plastic Christmas ball ornaments from the local five and dime or department store. Make sure they're plastic, otherwise they'll shatter when you open and close the door. Cut several different lengths of ribbon and tie a piece of ribbon onto each of the Christmas balls. Tie the Christmas ornaments to the crafter's hoop. Hang this Christmas door hanger on your front door to celebrate the holidays.

    Candy Canes Door Hanger

    • Add a few holiday treats to your display by making a candy cane Christmas door hanger. Make a door hanger using a door hanger pattern. Decorate it with Christmas stickers and charms. Cut pieces of ribbon, each about 4 inches long. Affix the ribbons to the bottom of the door hanger with staples. To do this, fold the ribbon in half and punch the staple in the fold. You should have enough ribbon to tie a small bow with the two ends of each ribbon. Then use the ribbon strands to tie candy canes to the door hanger. As people come to visit, you can untie a candy cane and give it to them as a Christmas favor and then replace the candy cane for the next visitor.

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