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Press the Keys to Mind Blowing Sex and Erupt That Volcano!

Various magazines and pornographic material are available which reveal various sex tips and positions that turn men on.
Numerous websites online give suggestions, remedies and practical solutions to encourage exhilarating sexual activities.
One can use the advanced search engines and scour the internet to discover keys to mind blowing sex.
Since sexual activity generally involves two people, it is imperative that both are involved in the act for deriving maximum pleasure.
A man is turned on easily but sometimes a woman takes longer.
Therefore, men should remember to be more attentive and give the women time to reach orgasmic peaks.
The keys to mind blowing sex are patience, learning the art of seduction and making the right advances.
If you are planning to have sex on a particular evening, you can start the game of foreplay by calling her up during the day and telling her how you are counting the hours before you can be with her.
Whisper seductively on the phone and ask her to wear something sexy so that you could "eat her up".
Talking naughty can tantalize a woman and she starts mentally preparing for the evening.
This is half the battle won! When you see her, do not force yourself on her.
Instead, learn to be chivalrous, tease and gently touch her, move away.
These tantalizing acts guarantee you better rewards than if you were to simply grab her and thrust deep kisses on her.
Play the game of seduction and you will find her eager to reciprocate to your suggestions.
If you have time for a hot shower or oil massage together, this would help set the stage.
Start fondling her gently, stroke around her breasts and vagina and touch the spot occasionally.
You will know your advances are working when she guides your hands to her erogenous zones.
You are now at the tip of the volcano! Indulge her by performing oral sex on her and be amazed when she voluntarily goes down on you.
Use gentle pressure on her '"magic mound" while you explore her vaginal canal.
She begins to squirm, quiver and squeal as she reaches multiple orgasms or orgasms in succession and then you can settle down for some more frenzied activity as you have just pressed the keys to mind blowing sex!

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