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Real Estate Matchmakers Help Apartment Hunters Find The Right Roommate

"Finding a new roommate in New York to split the hefty rent with is no longer a hassle for apartment hunters, thanks to a variety of mobile apps and web sites that provide matchmaking services for roommates, according to an article detailing the real estate matchmaking trend on New York.

According to the report, web sites like MyGradPad and Roomidex, which offer matchmaking services by connecting members via Facebook, and upcoming site Roomi, which hosts a chatroom, aim to bring together "like-minded roommates" so everything works out just fine when they move into their new flat.

"With many house-hunters doing their searches alone, the market seems ripe for young entrepreneurs looking to solve the two-fold issue of finding a suitable roommate and a suitable apartment," the report said., a web site that connects roommate-seekers, believes that roommates should meet prior to sharing a dwelling space. For years, the company has hosted free speed "roomating" events weekly in New York or London, where it has offices. It has been hosting the events in New York for two years now and in London for over a decade.

Real estate agents and brokers also happen to turn up at these events, but most of the time they were turned away by the organizers, the report said.

Data from"s independent survey in July revealed that more than 46 percent of apartment renters said they "shared their home with someone who was a stranger before they lived together." Survey results also revealed that more than 60 percent have roommates to split the rent, and 57 percent are under the age of 30. Around 1,400 New Yorkers participated in the survey.

Going to these meet-ups is a great way for agents to find potential tenants for the properties for lease they"re handling. But in the event that they are not welcome at these, they can always use disruptive video marketing technologies to make sure that their listings are seen by this group of people. Realbiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ) is a Florida-based digital media company that develops proprietary video marketing software that agents and their brokers can use to promote their virtual tour listings online. The company offers a Virtual Tour Program that allows real estate sellers to create virtual tours and presentations that are optimized for mobile viewing and could be syndicated through social media for only $29.95 a month.

The program is equipped with a video search engine optimization (VSEO) tool that automatically generate meta tags and descriptions for virtual tours and listings agents have uploaded to the platform so that they would be found easily by consumers online.

The program also has tools for creating QR codes, e-flyers, and seller reports as bonus features.

For agents on the go, the company has also recently launched a mobile app called EzFlix, which makes creating listings and virtual tours on mobile phones easier. The app also utilizes Realbiz Media"s patented technology which allows agents to create local community content, realtime videos, and add personalized messages to these items.

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