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RRoD - Minimize the Chances

If you are an Xbox 360 game enthusiast, you will have most certainly heard about the Red Ring of Death. It is a widespread problem that has affected millions of Xbox 360s all over the world and many repair technicians will tell you that the main problem for why it happens is due to overheating although this has not been confirmed by Microsoft. One of the main factors in this is that it is a high-end gaming platform and its components are packed tightly into a small shell. On top of this games are demanding more processing power these days and pushing the system harder.

As one of the main causes of the red Ring of Death is down to overheating it's easy to see the early warning signs. Graphics freeze ups, audio glitches and reduced frame rates could be an indication that your Xbox 360 is overheating and an appearance from the Red Ring of Death could be imminent.

What can you do to reduce the risk of RRoD?

Keeping your Xbox 360 well ventilated and allowing good airflow circulation throughout the system can help prolong the life of your Xbox 360. It's not a good idea to keep your Xbox in the back of a video Cabinet or closed off spaces when in use which will result in poor air circulation. It's also a good idea to keep your Xbox 360 away from heat sources such as radiators and other electrical components that are putting out warm air.

Intercoolers and liquid cooling systems can also help reduce the working temperature of your Xbox 360 and these will allow better circulation of the air and stop the components from overheating. Some of these add-ons can significantly reduce the temperature on the components up to around 10-20°C, this may not sound like a lot but it's a rather significant decrease in temperature when working with Electronics. Intercoolers are generally mounted directly onto the back of the Xbox over the original fans and will increase the amount of air flowing through the system. It's important to read good reviews if you are considering buying an intercooler as gamers have reported them to be noisy and there has been an occasional complaint about them causing damage with some of the cheaper and earlier intercooler designs. As the red ring of death is not uncommon we have seen many more manufacturers bringing out better cooling systems to help combat the overheating issues.

Liquid cooling systems on the other hand may be a better design for keeping your system cooler however the installations of these can be a little tricky and will void the warranty when opening the case. Liquid cooling systems generally replace the sinks which are fitted directly to the GPU and CPU and are able to pull away heat from the components. If you are interested in trying to fit one of these yourself it is best advised to find a good guide on the Internet with information that provides clear instructions on exactly how to do this. On the other hand it could be better to find a service centre or repair technician who is used to fixing Xbox 360 or building PCs.

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