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Kampus Landing announces the launch of the Kampus Tours in India sub continent

To be organized in 10 cities in India in February 2012 and September 2012, the event is all set to take off as elaborated at the press conference at the Kampus Landing headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. Kampus Landing announced that several colleges and universities are expected to join the Kampus Tours.

Kampus Tours aims to provide the ideal platform for international student recruitment. The participating colleges will get a chance to interact with thousands of students and parents and will also be able to meet study abroad agents, officials of local colleges and universities for strategic tie ups.

Suneetha Qureshi who is heading the Kampus Tours said, "Student life plays a significant part in our lives. At Kampus Tours, we fully understand the specific needs of young individuals who aspire for a higher education overseas. Our endeavor is focused on ensuring that we provide a reassuring and warm ambience in their search to the right college or university."

Further Suneetha Qureshi added, €Kampus Tours will focus on arranging meetings of the participating foreign universities with Indian institutions for academic collaboration.

The education system in India is much more improved these days and is one of the leading ones in the world. It is also one of the biggest contributors to the economic growth of the nation. Besides various government initiatives, the role of the private institutions in the development of education industry in India cannot be denied. India's private education market was worth $40 billion in 2008, which is expected to reach $68 billion by the year 2012.

With the growth in the educational infrastructure in terms of institutions, there will be improvement in the level of higher education in terms of aggregate access, access to disadvantage groups and the quality of higher education. The question is about the quality of outcome in terms of academic standard of student, quality of research, innovativeness and creativity, in which foreign universities can play major role.

Academic collaboration is possible between foreign universities and Indian institutions in several fields of study for collaborative research programs, degree and diploma programs, certificate programs, distance education programs, professional development programs, twinning / transfer programs, faculty and student exchange programs, study abroad in India programs, and partnership programs. We will help participating universities identify local partner institutions, build academic collaboration, implementation of the programs as per the specifications and student recruitment for the same.€

The press conference illuminated the importance of such an event and also was a platform to introduce innovative student recruitment solutions for universities across the world.

About Kampus Tours
Kampus Tours is a vertical owned and operated by Kampus Landing- Global Education Specialists. The highlights of Kampus Tours are:
€ Recruitment trips help establish or renew existing alliances.
€ Strategically timed events to take advantage of the changing world order.
€ Cities selected according to the potential for the Recruitment tours.
€ Recruitment tours are self sufficient to recruit students without using the agents.
€ Opportunity to meet local educational institutions directly for joint venture & academic collaboration.
€ Customized recruitment for a particular program/ programs.
€ Electronic lead tracking attendance for all attendees.

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