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Scratched Laminate Floor Products


    • A floor polisher or buffer uses different types of pads and polishing oils to remove dirt and stains from your floor. The polishing action of the buffer and oils, however, can also remove scratches from your floor. The polishing action helps drive the oils into cracks and scratches, and it also helps reseal your floor. Generally, floor polishers have a long handle, which helps you push the machine around your floor and maneuver around objects.


    • Crayons also offer an effective way to hide a scratch in your laminate flooring. Find a wax crayon that matches or nearly matches the color of your laminate flooring. Clean the scratch with a scrubbing brush or wet cloth to remove any dust or debris in the scratch. Next, color in the area with the crayon. If you can't find a color that exactly matches, then mix two colors together until you get the right shade. Use a wet cloth to remove any excess crayon from your laminate flooring.

    Paste Wax

    • Paste wax is a type of woodworking putty that you use to finish wood. You can, however, use this material on scratches in your laminate. Generally, this material is made of either carnuba or beeswax. While paste wax isn't very durable for completely sealing your flooring, it does help you fill in small scratches. You can apply this mixture to your flooring with a putty knife or a small brush, depending on the consistency of the paste wax.


    • Furniture polish used in conjunction with a standard kitchen scrub pad works well at removing thin scratches from your laminate. Simply scrub the area with the pad and polish until the scratch isn't as noticeable. As an alternative to furniture polish, you can use a combination of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. Another alternative is shoe polish. Since shoe polish helps reduce the look of worn shoes, it can help remove light scratches from your floors. Find a shoe polish that looks similar to your laminate floor, and then use a cloth to apply it to the scratch.

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