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A Guide to Healing a Broken Heart in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes down to healing a broken heart, the most important thing you have to remember is that it's going to take time.
No one really wants to hear this and we certainly don't want to stay in a painful state of mind any longer than we have to, but realize that these things take time.
While most of the time you just need more time for healing a broken heart, here are three simple ways to help yourself get over your relationship or ex.
Get up and get out! Being proactive is the number one way to speed the healing of a broken heart.
Take control of your life again and stay motivated.
What kinds of things have you been neglecting recently? Hobbies? Friends? Studies? Whatever your interests may be, be sure that you dive back into them.
Limit the time you allow yourself to feel bad.
Everyone gives themselves a few days to sit around the house, eat ice cream and generally feel like a wreck after a breakup, but that's really all you need.
Don't spend anymore than 5 days in hiding! Your friends will wonder what your up to and one of the fastest ways for healing a broken heart is getting out and staying social.
Once you're feeling a little better, try and figure out what happened in your relationship.
Maybe you don't want to get your ex back, but you certainly don't want to make the same mistake twice! This way, the next relationship will go much better and you'll hopefully never need time for getting over a breakup again!

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