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10 Must-Play Strategy Games for the Xbox 360

Strategy games aren't a genre normally associated with consoles, but the Xbox 360 has had a number of great strategy games represented a few different styles.Real-time, turn-based, card based, and more are all present on the Xbox 360.Here are our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Strategy Games.

1. Halo Wars

Halo Wars is a highly polished, well put together real-time-strategy game that represents the brand well and is another great exclusive for the Xbox 360.It isn't the deepest RTS on the system, but it's simplified gameplay and controls mean that it is easily the most accessible.Halo fans will love it.RTS newbies will love it.And the great presentation and overall polish means that RTS vets will enjoy it as well.We highly recommend it.More »

2. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

With three fairly good real-time-strategy games already under its belt for the Xbox 360, EA LA pretty much has the genre nailed down on the consoles. Its latest game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, tweaks the already finely tuned gameplay to near-perfection and pairs it with unique and fun to use factions to create an amazingly well crafted RTS game. It also offers a bit more depth and challenge that C&C3 offered, which is much appreciated.More »

3. Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution takes the award-winning formula of the PC series and gives it a little tweak and a nudge to work a little better on consoles. The result is a game that isn’t quite as deep as before, but it still offers plenty of amazingly addictive civilization building gameplay to keep both series vets and newcomers busy for a very long time to come. Civ Rev gives you the freedom to lead your civilization any way you want to, whether that be through peace or war, it is all up to you.More »

4. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Back when I first saw the E3 2006 footage of the original Viva Piñata, I knew it was going to be a cult hit. There is something really intriguing about the Harvest Moon-meets-Animal Crossing-meets-Pokemon-meets-The Sims type of gameplay featured here. It looks amazing, is surprisingly deep, and is one of the most addictive games of the year. Don’t be fooled by the “kids game” look, Viva Piñata is a great game that is highly recommended for Xbox 360 gamers of any age.The sequel, Trouble in Paradise, adds more pinatas and a more streamlined overall experience so it gets my vote as the better of the two.

5. Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Kane's Wrath is actually a stand alone expansion for Command & Conquer 3, also in Xbox 360.It gets the nod over the original game thanks to a more streamlined control scheme and much deeper single-player options.It represents classic real-time-strategy better than just about anything on this list, so if you are itching for some oldschool base building and rushing your army at your opponent, Kane's Wrath is a great choice.More »

6. Culdcept Saga

Culdcept Saga is a game that will surprise you.There is just something about this strategy-collectible card game that is incredibly addictive and very rewarding. It isn’t going to be for everyone due to the investment of time it takes to play and the hardcore nerdiness it usually takes to play any CCG, but Culdcept Saga is amazingly fun and well worth checking out.More »

7. Star Trek Legacy

Star Trek Legacy is truly any Trek fans’ dream come true. You get to control the Enterprise from the different eras as well as many more ships from not only the Federation, but the Klingons, Romulans, and Borg as well. Legacy offers up just the right balance of sim and arcade gameplay that makes it just a bit easier to slide into the captain’s chair than, say, the Starfleet Command series. It isn’t without some issues, but overall Star Trek Legacy should make Trek fans very happy.More »

8. Overlord

Overlord, from Codemasters and Triumph Studios, is an action/strategy/RPG where you take on the role of an evil overlord who has control over hordes of vicious minions. Your main objective through the game is to destroy everything you come across, and if that doesn’t sound fun, I don’t know what is.The game is also noteworthy because of some wickedly funny humor thanks to the antics of your minions.Overlord is just plain fun.More »

9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a faithful update to the classic PC strategy game where you have to defend Earth from an alien invasion.Not only do you have to plan strategic defense on a large scale by researching new technology, but you are also directly in control of small scale, squad-based direct encounters with the enemy.It is very well done and features a ton of content.It is a different take on the strategy genre, which makes it very interesting, particularly on Xbox 360.More »

10. Operation Darkness

Sometimes, a game concept seems to be both too crazy to work, yet too awesome not to work. Operation Darkness is one of those games. It is a strategy RPG set in an alternate World War II where Hitler has armies of vampires, zombies, and worse at his command along with his normal troops and weapons. The gameplay and presentation don’t quite match up to the lofty ambitions of the setting, but Operation Darkness is a solid SRPG that fans of the genre will enjoy.More »

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