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What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Article Marketing Service

There are many article marketing services out there that will be happy to take your money and submit your articles to any number of article directories.
If you are considering using such a service, it's important to know that you shouldn't hang all of your hopes on it before committing your hard earned money into it.
It's important to find out from the companies beforehand what their policies are regarding keyword density and search engine optimization.
When an article is written without an eye towards search engine optimization, that article is going to fall way short of its target.
That will just make your efforts a waste of time and money.
The whole reason behind search engine optimization is to get your article noticed by search engines and boost your rankings within them.
It takes the use of specific keywords used throughout each article.
But there is a definite balance that has to be maintained when it comes to keywords.
When you over-do-it with your keywords, it's called "keyword stuffing.
" If your article is overflowing with keywords like stuffing in a Thanksgiving turkey, it's going to be rejected by many article directories and even ignored by the bigger search engines (like Google) altogether.
Keyword density is an easy area to make mistakes when someone is new to the article marketing game.
Even people who have been working in this area for a greater period of time can find the exact balance difficult to determine.
Articles are either so full of keywords that reading one is like trying to chew a mouthful of marshmallows, or there are nowhere near enough to give search engine spiders a clue to what the article is even about.
When search engine spiders can't recognize your article for what it is, you won't show up in search engine rankings.
That means not seeing the traffic you've hoped for and you're conversion rate will take a long walk off a short pier.
So what does it take to keep that perfect balance? You might be surprised to learn that it's only about 2%.
A mere two percent of your entire article can contain keywords to keep it in balance.
Not every article directory site is indexed.
Look into the directory and find out what their article submission strategy is.
Flooding article directories with articles in an attempt to boost your rankings will not win over search engines.
Doing that could get you thrown out of the game before you even get the chance to play.
The purpose of article marketing is to promote your business and website.
If you fail to utilize this powerful tool correctly, you won't see the amount of exposure you're looking for.
When used properly, article directories will bring you the traffic and search engine rankings you've been working towards.
Directories want to get your articles, but they don't want poorly written ones that don't meet keyword density guidelines.

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