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Tony Diet - Why You Should Be Interested

The Tony Diet or better known as the alkaline-acid diet, is no doubt one of the most talked-about diets in the society today.
This dieting program was created by well-known book author and motivational speaker Anthony "Tony" Robbins.
Through the Tony Diet, people are encouraged to eat more healthily and strive to be in great shape without resorting to crash diet programs or synthetic weight loss pills.
Whether you have a problem with your body weight or you just want to be healthy, the alkaline-acid diet is truly worth discovering.
Why so? An Acidic Diet Gives Way to Disease It is an undeniable fact that the Western diet is very acidic and therefore, unhealthy.
As we eat acid-containing foods, we also collect acid residue in our system.
Over acidity can damage our body's pH balance and thus, weaken our cells and tissues, making them susceptible to diseases.
Mild signs of over acidity may include frequent headaches, dizziness, tiredness, heart burn, weak muscles and joint pains.
In severe cases, a person can suffer from kidney and urinary tract diseases, Crohn's disease and even, cancer.
Clearly, each one of us should pay attention to how we eat if we want to stay healthy.
Along with correct dieting, a person must avoid harmful habits like drinking or smoking.
In addition, practicing a regular exercise routine is an important step in regaining and maintaining good health.
This is what the Tony Diet is all about.
The alkaline-acid diet primarily promotes eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
Contrary to what others think, it isn't an expensive or a high maintenance diet.
You can eat foods that are easily available in your supermarket as long as they are rich in alkaline content, fresh and clean.
Examples of wonderful alkaline food sources are green vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, and parsley.
Fruits like grapes, apples, pears, papaya and berries are also alkaline-rich foods that must always be part of our meals.
By feeding our body with alkaline-rich foods, we can stop the accumulation of acid and toxins in our body and reverse the bad effects of acidity.

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