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Turn Your Potential Into Success

Do you know someone with an extraordinary talent?Maybe that person is a gifted athlete, artist, or musician.
Or perhaps that person has a mind for business, is a master with numbers, or knows precisely how to handle people.
Although this person has these gifts that some people would die for, they never seem to use their gift to help them reach their full potential.
Or maybe they are applying their skills but just can't seem to get past a certain level of accomplishment.
Maybe you know someone like that.
Maybe that someone is you.
Everyone has the potential to be someone great.
But sometimes the journey to greatness seems so impossible most never make the trip.
Others start the journey but get so discouraged by obstacles and setbacks that they give in before they reach their destination.
Here are five steps you can take to harness your potential so you can get to the promise land of success.
Know where you are going.
If someone were to ask you where do you see yourself financially in 5 years what would you say?You might say something like "I'd like to have enough money to get out of debt or buy a bigger house".
Those are good goals to have but how much money is enough money?Most people generalize their goals so much that specifics of what they want aren't clear to them.
That's like if you asked someone where they were going on their vacation and they said, "We're going to Florida and we're staying near a beach".
You'd probably wonder where in Florida and which beach?If that person is really planning on going to Florida they are eventually going to have to decide whether they want to go to Daytona, Miami, or Key West.
Once they've decided to go to Miami then getting there will be easier.
The same is true of your goals.
Write your goals down so you can see them.
The sooner you know where you are going, the sooner you will get there.
Practice Your Potential The most common mistake that most people make on their voyage is that they are not prepared for opportunities.
The reason that they are not prepared for opportunities is that they did not practice their potential.
In order for you to succeed you must be prepared for success.
For example consider former NBA basketball player Steve Kerr.
He would practice relentlessly and shoot hundreds of shots a day.
Kerr's most memorable moment came in 1997 championship game when his teammate Michael Jordan passed him the ball and Steve made the game winning shot.
Although Steve Kerr shot hundreds of shots in preparation for the games, he only attempted a few shots a game.
So why practice a hundred shots if you are only going to shot a few?Because those hundreds of shots Steve Kerr took were to prepare him for that one crucial time when he would need to make one important shot.
You see if you want to succeed at something you have to be prepared for that moment of success.
Read up on how others have succeeded where you want to succeed and be prepared for your moment when it comes.
Develop successful habits The difference between the people who succeed and the people who fail lie in their habits.
Most people might shrug off bad habits as something they've always done and will always do so there is no point in changing them.
The truth is the very habits that they have accepted are the very reason they have not found success in some areas of their lives.
If you were a manager and you had a choice to promote two people one who had a habit of being tardy and not completing assignments.
And another who was always early and saw a project through to completion, which one would you choose? Bounce back quickly Success is a journey.
This journey is littered with obstacles and setbacks that are designed to test your resiliency.
These obstacles can be discouraging and can create the feeling of failure.
Once that feeling is there you may entertain thoughts of giving up the journey.
In order for you to bounce back quickly you must prepare yourself for these obstacles internally and externally.
Do all that you can to prevent these setbacks from happening but if they do happen, remind yourself of your goal.
Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you when you are tempted to give up.
Keep motivational materials around also.
Posting motivational quotes or reading success stories may give you that recharge that you need to keep you going.
The quicker you bounce back the quicker you will reach your goal.
Keep on Succeeding Accomplishments feel good and encourage us to continue on to where we want to go.
But once we succeed there is a way to keep on succeeding.
The journey of success is never boring and never easy.
There is always someone out there who will look at the things you have accomplished and wish they could do the same.
Helping others succeed is the best way to keep on succeeding.
Since you made it through the fire and came out a success, you've gained a lot of experience and will probably have a lot to share.
Imagine the encouragement someone will feel when you tell them the story of your success and how you made it through those same obstacles that they are now facing.
Passing on knowledge, resources, and wisdom to someone who has the same vision of success that you have is one of the most rewarding feelings anyone can have.
You have the potential...
now it's time to succeed.

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