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What Everyone Should Know About Hemorrhoids

When the veins of the skin that surround the rectal area or inside the rectal area begin to swell, which is not a usual happening, this is a hemorrhoid.
These swelling are usually about the size of a raisin but can often be as large as a grape.
These protrusions can often just feel itchy but they can also become extremely painful.
Hemorrhoids can be internal or external and they can be the type of hemorrhoid that bleeds real blood.
They can bleed whether they are internal of external.
One method of bleeding hemorrhoid treatment is to avoid wearing tight fitting underwear.
You can be certain that an internal hemorrhoids are bleeding because there will be blood in the stool.
There are various hemorrhoid treatments because the type of hemorrhoids varies.
However, If you keep the anal area clean and dry this is one method of treating the hemorrhoids.
In addition, you can further treat the hemorrhoids with a hot sitz bath.
It is also recommended that eating a diet high in fiber and avoiding any straining while having a bowel movement are also viable treatments for hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are not uncommon.
The hemorrhoids develop because of pressure on the pelvis and on the large vein (vena cava) on the right side of the body.
As the pregnancy progresses the swelling magnifies the pressure and hemorrhoids may develop.
Hemorrhoids also develop during pregnancy when there is constipation.
During pregnancy the walls of the veins relax with assistance from progesterone (hormone) with allows them to become swollen more easily thus, causing pressure.
To get some relief from the hemorrhoids during pregnancy: clean the area well after each bowel movement; sit in a warm bath; and apply ice packs to the area.
There does not appear to be a cure (as such) for hemorrhoids, hydrocortisone creams are being used to reduce the swelling, and give the patient some relief from the itching.
In order to get rid of hemorrhoids, the patient has at least three options: to reduce the swelling and avoid and irritation in the future within reason; the vein can be removed, or have other surgeries performed.

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