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How to Create a Mini Book

    Make A Mini Book

    • 1
      Paper folded twice.

      Fold one piece of 8 ½" x 11" printer paper in half, then unfold it. Cut along the crease.

    • 2
      Cutting with decorator scissors.

      Cut as many sheets of paper as you like. Each sheet will make 4 smaller sheets and most standard staplers will only staple 15-18 pieces of paper. Use decorator scissors for a nice edge. (If you fold and slightly moisten the folded, you can carefully tear along the edge for a similar look.)

    • 3
      Loosened sheets.

      Loosen your trimmed paper by fanning the small sheets (decorator scissors will make the edges catch).

    • 4
      Staple your inside sheets together.

      Collect the pages and staple them together using two staples in line with the center.

    • 5
      Trim your cover.

      Trim your cover (inside out) to 4-3/16" x 6-½".

    • 6
      Fold inside book for fitting the cover.

      Fit your cover over the other pages so that you have a small edge that goes beyond the pages. You may notice that the inside pages are longer than the outer ones. This is because of the thickness of paper at the staple end. You can trim this if you like. Mark where the cover will fold (on the inside). Fold your cover. Fold your stapled inner book.

    • 7
      Stapling the cover to the inner book.

      Staple your cover to your mini book along the line of the fold, fitting the mini book inside.

    • 8
      Hole punched in flap end.

      Punch one hole in your flap. (Your flap wraps from the back around to the front so the hole is in your back cover, centered and near the edge.) Trim the flap to the shape you like.

    • 9
      Thread a ribbon through your punched flap.

      Fold your ribbon in half and thread the folded end through the hole of the flap. Tuck the other end through the loop.

    • 10

      Pull the ribbon through. Crimp your flap with your fingers so that it fits around the book. You've made a mini book.

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