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CISCO is making e- City Smarter

CISCO is the most well known name in the networking products industry; it has teamed up with the Electronics City Industries Association to convert the smart electronic city in the south of Bangalore into a smarter one by the year 2015. The partnership among Cisco and ELCIA falls under the public-private participation (PPP) framework, which will also assist the Manufacturing (ESDM) firms and the Electronic System Design and others occupied with the IoT products development in order to build the upcoming ecosystem. The features of this electronic city will be similar to the infrastructures an ordinary smart city follows, some of the features of smart e – city is:

Features of upcoming smart e – city in the South of Bangalore

The features of the upcoming smart e – city also aims at making life of the people easy, the systems related to the daily life smart and efficient, while making the city environment friendly. Some of the main features of smart city are:
  1. Smart Parking
  2. Smart Street Lighting System
  3. Smart CCTV Surveillance Facility
  4. Smart and Connected Community Messaging
  5. Smart Water Management

The facilities that will be provided by CISCO in the smart e – city are clearly the first in the country, and can be expected to affect all parts of the city in an efficient manner.

Demographics of the area

Electronic city is located 20 km away from the main city centre area of Anekal taluk in the Bangalore Urban district, the 332-acre area is a part of the largest industrial parks all over the country, and it houses many global majors, some famous multinationals plus Indian giant IT firms such as Infosys, Wipro etc.

 Nearly 1, 25,000 people are working there, based in the center of the Electronics City that counts for nearly 25 percent of the India's software plus hardware related exports. The high technology project is also going to assist the corporate in the electronics city region to design and develop the products plus software applications for the exploitation in the top 100 smart city's projects, the currently appointed NDA government is expecting to formulate around the nation.

Around 35 years old Electronics City Industrial Township works in parallel to the local governance plus is sustained by an association that is represented by around 180 units in the area which is spread over to three phases.

Affect on property rates

The effect of CISCO planning to make the e – city smart can only be expected to bring a high increase in the property rates of the area and the city in total. Bangalore is known to be one of the luxury segment cities in India, with change in electronic city into a smart e – city, can only be hoped to increase the price of property especially in the Electronic city region.

Forecasting the growth in demand, a lot of new projects by well renowned developers have been coming up in Bangalore, giving more options to the investors. One such developer who is coming up with a project in the area is the Jain Housing group, who have recently launched their villas project ‘Jains Villa Vivianaa' in the Electronic city area of South Bangalore, they are offering villas from 1545 sq. ft. to 5496 sq. ft. area to meet the contemporary lifestyle electronic city is expected to provide.

Investing in a project in the electronics city can only be foreseen to provide a hefty ROI in a very little time, with CISCO announcing its plan, now is the auspicious time to invest in a project there before the price is skyrocketed.

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