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Guidelines for Performance Reviews


    • Performance standards serve as a guideline when evaluating employees. Performance standards are set by a company's human resources department, an employee's supervisor or the employee himself through goal-setting activities. During a performance review, the manager compares how well the employee performed against the standards to determine if the employee meets, exceeds or falls short of the expectations.


    • According to the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, performance reviews should be well-balanced. Managers should examine an employee's strengths as well as his weaknesses. The CBIA also advises managers to focus on the employee's job-related achievements, rather than her personality or character traits. Performance reviews must always be neutral and unbiased.


    • Be specific when discussing performance pitfalls with employees. Providing clarity helps employees learn what is expected of them and how they can improve for the next time. Not giving employees clear expectations sets them up for future failure.

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