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A silent charm you need when your physical qualities and charm fails you

You might have a physical charm that opens doors for you and gets you the necessary attention , recognition, audience and respect you need at that point in time. Some were born with these physical qualities, while some develop it, all the same, there will actually come a time when what you need to open those doors goes beyond your looks and sex appeal.

A time will come when you crave for someone's attention and audience and you shockingly find out that your physical charm couldn't do the trick. Now the question is what then do you need and do to achieve your goal at that point in time.

That is when you seriously and urgently need a plan B, which is "your silent charm". A charm that says little but produces stupendous effect. It will not only open doors or get you the attention or audience you need; rather it will establish you positively into the mind of the intended target. It works like a spell.

NOTE: This could be your own plan B, but it is better to use it has a plan A, because it rarely fails, for those who feel inadequate about their looks and physical qualities, then this is all you need to find your way around life.

  • · 1: Always appear simple and neat. Avoid wearing something with loud colours, because it sends different messages. You could be seen as the attention seeking type, which sends a negative vibe most times. Combine your colours well; simplicity is a needed strength here.

The simpler you look the better for you. Be neat at all times, you could wear a designer clothe and still look shabby and unkempt. Wear a well groomed facial hair, from your head to your beards, trim your nails and always keep your breath fresh.
  • · 2:A genuine smile shouldn't be far away from your face, if smiling is not your culture then you need to learn how to smile. Be ready to give a smile at every opportunity that comes your way. What a smile does is the same thing fuel does around fire.

With it you send a positive and welcoming vibe, which predisposes you to getting loads of positive attention from people naturally without saying a word. Avoid wearing a frown, a straight face and an expressionless countenance is a bad sign. You might not know the effect of these qualities, but the person next to you is seeing and communicating with every vibe and signal that comes from you.
  • · 3: Look at people confidently and not rudely, always endeavor to look into people's eyes. Making eye contact establishes your message in the psyche of that person. A prolonged eye contact could send the wrong message though, but a timely and brief eye contact speaks volume.

When you walk, walk confidently, when you sit, sit properly, when you eat, eat gently. When confidence oozes around you it gets you the needed attention quietly.
  • · 4: Equip your intellectual base and improve your communicating skills. Be vast in ideas, information and social issues. Never be caught off guard at any point. Read more, learn more and try to store important datas, facts, and ideas. Just be a mobile store of various and useful information, because they will come handy, when you are trying to communicate with someone.
  • · 5:Avoid being in everyone's faces, learn to observe, read between lines, learn to discern between a positive and negative vibe. Always have it at the back of your mind that not everyone will give you a positive vibe or signal. With this mentality you are guarded and treed cautiously where ever you find yourself.
  • · 6: Imbibe a well groomed public etiquette, behave properly around people, and learn to use respectful remarks. Avoid anything that will isolate you from people, like plugging earphones in both ears, when you are in the mist of people, this sends a "GO AWAY SIGN AND VIBE" .So you end up not getting the attention and audience you need. Avoid using gestures in public, when you laugh, laugh reasonably, be ready to offer a helping hand when you can, never send a vibe of arrogance, pride and insensitivity, this could kill your chance even before you begin. Always remember that a public place is different from the 4 walls of your privacy.
  • · 7: Learn how to hide tension and fear, no one is immune to it but how you deal with it is the most important thing. If you find yourself in a tensed state, why don't you try diffusing the tension or fear with a conversation, a walk of just wear a smile? A vibe of fear and tension, is a big turn off, it naturally works against you.
  • · 8: You don't need to talk much to get the attention you need. The more you talk the easier you are bound to say things that will later stand against. Learn to flow with what is happening around you, know when to talk and never get involved in issues or topics that you have little knowledge of." IT IS BETTER TO SAY NOTHING, THAN SAY SO MANY THINGS THAT MEANS NOTHING."

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