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Toss the Turtle Hacked

What's a better online game than Toss the Turtle? Well how about Toss the Turtle Hacked [].

Woah, did you just say hacked? Yep... If you haven't heard of hacked flash games you probably aren't too familiar with the whole concept of the work "hacked" at least nonetheless to say the way it is applied to gaming. I was first introduce to flash games with cheats when I was searching for the game Toss the Turtle, I then noticed something different, the title stated that this game was hacked, I wasn't sure what that meant until I read the description. The information said that I could purchase anything in the turtle shop for $1 after launching my turtle out of the cannon one time, pretty great, seeing that if you plan on buying the golden gun in Turtle Toss it will cost you about 400,000$.. That means hours and hours of gameplay... The hacked version would allow me to see what the golden gun and other expensive weapons are capable of doing in the game, this would allow me to launch my turtle to the moon... Literally!

There are a lot of casual flash games out there, some games are not very well made, for instance I was browsing the web a few days ago and came across some really poorly made games, it's a little disappointing when a game fails because the author failed to put a little extra work into creating the game which otherwise would have resulted in a really well made game... See what I'm saying? Yeah it truly is a bummer.. but well as the experts say "life goes on"

Anyways I still like playing games without hacks, it's just nice on occasion to play a game with a few cheats added here and there, I mean I think all typical gamers like to try cheats, when it comes to console gaming, PC gaming or even our favorite online games. Sometimes a hacker can overdue the hacks which ruins the game beyond boring, I still like a little hacks applied (if it makes the game easier) but still It's nice to have a little challenge. Anyways good luck and have fun playing your favorite Hacked Flash Games []

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