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The Knack of Sticking With Your Work Out Resolution

It's that time of year again.
You mulled over the prospect of starting a work out routine and losing some body fat all year now.
The pressure is building up inside you like an over inflated inner-tube and you resolve to make a change before you explode.
Stressful isn't it? Let's see yourself make some changes right now.
In a globally popular book titled "Awaken The Giant With In", Author Anthony Robbins introduced a six step process for making changes in our lives he dubbed Neuro Associative Conditioning, or NAC if you will.
The process is based on creating a leverage point with in ourselves that will guide us away from unwanted behaviors into those we very much want.
For the purposes of this article we will focus on working out and weight loss.
Here we go...
First thing you want to do is know what you want.
Do you want to lose weight? Workout everyday? Join a gym? Start an effective fat loss plan? What ever it is you want, this is the first step.
Next, you need to ask yourself "What's preventing me from having what I want?" Asking this will help you discover exactly what is holding you back.
Again, if you want to stick to your workout resolution what might keep you from doing that? Will you tell yourself, "I'm to busy or can't find the time to workout?" or "I'm to tired all the time.
", "No use trying to lose weight with my genetics.
" or "I'm too embarrassed to join a gym.
" "I don't have enough money.
" "I'm too tall.
" "I'm too short.
" "My feet stink.
" Half kidding on that one but you would be amazed how one little thought like that could stop you from taking some work out action.
So, whatever it is for you.
Take the time to write down all your excuses.
Don't worry, no-body's looking.
Anything that comes to your mind that could even be a potential work out preventer, write it down.
If you get stuck, just imagine yourself gearing up to start a workout and notice what uncomfortable or painful signals your body sends you.
Second thing you need to do is associate tons of pain to not making the change.
Ask yourself "what will this cost me if I don't start working out, or I don't maintain a healthy weight, or I don't watch what I eat?" Feel the answer to these questions deep in your gut.
After that you want to ask yourself some pleasure associating questions: "If I do exercise, watch what I eat, maintain a healthy weight, lose my love handles, how will that make me feel?" Third thing you need to do is stick your finger up your nose, stand on one leg and recite the pledge of allegiance.
In other words you need to interrupt the pattern.
The moment you start having those thoughts and feelings in step one, do something totally stupid and distracting.
Your goal is to break the patterns that creep in your mind when the thoughts that are preventing you from sticking to your work out resolution rear their ugly head.
Next, you want to create an empowering alternative.
You need to replace the old thinking with something new and compelling.
For our purposes here, you basically want to go from sitting on the couch to moving your body and eating healthy.
You want to replace those feelings of boredom or frustration with enthusiasm and determination.
You need to go for that jog, eat more salads, join a gym.
You need to actually do the thing so it becomes a part of you.
Last but not least, your going to want to condition your new pattern.
As Anthony puts it; If you rehearse the new, empowering alternative again and again with tremendous emotional intensity, you'll carve out a pathway, and with even more repetition and emotion, it will become a highway to this new way of achieving results, and it will become a part of your habitual behavior.
In conclusion, if you're going to stick to your work out resolution, you want to understand that it's a process.
One that is easily achievable and with in your reach.
And also that there are powerful techniques in behavior modification that will help guide you in the weight loss direction, elegantly and effectively with out the use of shear will power.
"Awaken The Giant With In", provides the tools necessary for consistent change and offers a more in depth explanation of the process outlined above.
I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.

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