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History is Ours

November 4, 2008 will forever go down as a day in United States American history.
For the first time ever, Americans elected an African-American as their president.
This is undoubtedly a significant moment in the African-American communities as well as the American society as a whole.
However, the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States was less about the significance within African-Americans and more about the conclusion that 60+ million Americans realized that their lives can be better than what they've grown accustomed to accepting.
On the cover, it would appear as though Americans elected a Democratic African-American man to be President; however, that is a facade.
Americans did not vote for an African-American.
Americans did not vote for a Democrat.
Americans didn't even vote for a man.
Americans voted for an idea, a thought, a dream, a desire that was represented in the physical form as Barack Obama.
President-Elect Obama's message of "Change" was so vivid it even resonated with his opponents during the course of his Presidential campaign.
Senator Hilary Clinton adopted the theme of "Change" midway through her campaign; as did the GOP Representative Senator John McCain adopted a variation of the "Change" theme.
However, their message of change was distorted because the change we were seeking was not in the form of health care reform or George Bush's politics.
We did not seek change in crossing the racial or gender divide.
It truly wasn't about changing the way Washington does "business as usual.
" The change was with us! We needed something different! We needed a new course of action! We needed to aspire for greatness! President-Elect Obama planted that seed in our conscious (unbeknown to each of us) and over the course of 22 months continued to water that seed and nurture that seed until on November 4, 2008 that seed blossomed into a new plant of life for each of us.
The big question is, "How did he do this without our knowledge or approval?" He did this by presenting the idea and then holding us accountable for our actions.
He told us that we do not have to accept our current situation as it is, we could do something about it.
We hold the power of our everyday circumstances and with a little four letter word; we could change everything we have ever known to be true in our lifetimes.
That four letter word is "Hope.
" All we need is "Hope!" Not hope as in the sense of, "I hope I can pay my rent or mortgage this month.
" Hope as in tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday.
We do not have to repeat our mistakes of the past, we can learn from them and move forward in our lives and strive for perfection and achieve greatness along the way.
It has always been my belief that we all deserve greatness; however, greatness does not descend upon us.
It is up to us to move towards that greatness in our selves and in our lives.
President-Elect Obama planted the seed; we embraced it and voted for change.
It is now up to each of us to ensure that our vote does not go in vain.
We must take responsibility for our lives and make our circumstances better.
We must make a conscious decision (and follow through with it) to navigate through life with a positive, uplifting attitude, striving for greatness, striving for perfection.
Let us not resort back to a continuous cycle of excuses of why our lives are not what we would like them to be.
Let's continue this movement in American history.
If you were inspired by the words of President-Elect Barack Obama than let's continue that inspiration and motivation and create the lives we aspire for.
Let us ensure that Barack Obama's presidency and legacy are a success!

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