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Forum Marketing Network Businesses For The Beginner

The numbers of fledgling marketers who take to forum marketing network businesses are legion! Unfortunately, so are also the numbers of marketers who will return to the same forum the next day and when attempting to log in will find out that their forum persona was deleted and accesses as well as posting privileges have been summarily denied. What happened?

Generally speaking, the odds are good that your forum posts were considered spam by enough of the other players that an administrator was contacted who eventually took action and banned you from the network. The fine line that exists between forum marketing network business and spamming is often a heated topic of discussion on said forums themselves and there is no hard and fast answer.

Yet in an effort to make it easier for the newbie, forum marketing network businesses for the beginner is a three-step process.

1. First and foremost, you need to decide which angle you want to market. In other words, are you looking for down line candidates or for product customers? In the same vein, do you want to find individuals who not only want to buy your product but then also turn around and sell it? Each and every angle requires you to use a different approach. In other words, each and every angle requires you to write your forum posts with great care and expertise perhaps this is one of the reasons that this is a task most commonly outsourced to an experienced freelance writer.

2. Secondly, you need to create your forum persona. Stay away from obvious monikers that will have other forum participants roll their eyes and instantly steal your credibility. Examples include make money losing weight or wealthy marketer. Instead, opt for a persona with a respectable name or handle, if you do not want to use your real name. Next, you need to create a profile. This is a great opportunity to mention your business and also your role in it, but do not turn the forum profile section into a cut and paste job from the company website. There is not a persona live who will read through a lengthy promotional profile. Last but not least, if the forum permits, create a signature. This could include a link to your website, but it will be more effective if it includes a link to a personal blog or even online newsletter with a gripping teaser. Something like how a candy bar at three in the morning cost me two hours of sleep and $10 is an example of a headline that will lead to click through traffic simply because it seems to implausible and everyone wants to know more about the story. Do not disappoint the website visitor but instead deliver a gripping tale or blog entry so when you change your signature to feature the next article, those who know you will come and look.

3. Last but not least, do not post lengthy wellness product reviews in a gardening forum. Similarly, do not post an explanation on how to lose weight in a forum dedicated to childhood diseases and autism. Two cardinal sins are incorporated in this approach: a lengthy posting and an inappropriate venue. Only post in forums that are somehow related to your business. Secondly, keep the posts short and simple, especially when you discuss your product.

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