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The Rise Of Personal Injury Lawyers

In the past few years there has been a significant increase in the amount of law firms specialising in personal injury law.
You must have seen the adverts, they are everywhere, promising people compensation if they have been injured at work, in their car, even at home.
But what is it that has sparked this massive increase in compensation claims? In 1995, the No Win No Fee system was established under solicitors Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFAs) to help people that did not qualify for legal aid to make claims, thus giving more people access to justice.
The primary objective of the No Win No Fee system is to ensure that the claimants do not have to pay a fee if they lose their claim, thus lessening the risk involved when making a claim.
Since 1995 law firms have therefore been able to offer a no win no fee enticement to encourage people to apply for compensation.
These firms are highly experienced in dealing with such claims and know exactly what types of cases are likely to be successful and which are not.
On this basis they can attract numerous clients but only represent the ones they believe will be able to gain compensation.
This is beneficial to both lawyer and client and is one of the main reasons for the increase in compensation claims.
At the same time there are large firms that deal with most aspects of law and smaller, often family run offices that deal with just one particular area of law.
Finding exactly what you need can be a long and difficult process.
Often recommendations are spread by word of mouth, people you know who may have been through the same legal processes.
To add to the confusion there are also companies that act on a legal basis for instances such as personal injury and contract in solicitors so you may end up being represented by a company rather than a solicitor or lawyer which can be problematic.
There are new ways to combat this in the form of new websites set up as directory services which not only allow you to find the kind of service you need but also read reviews from previous clients and find out if the services they offer are relevant to you.

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