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Cruising the Yangtze River

The mighty Yangtze River flows through the heart of China and has been a focal point of the country for thousands of years.
The river which flows for 3,915 miles is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world after the Nile and the Amazon.
The river begins its life at the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau and cuts across the country until it empties in to the East China Sea at Shanghai.
The river flows through a huge array of different landscapes and eco systems as well as being an eco system in its own right as it is home to the Yangtze River Dolphin, Chinese alligator and the Yangtze sturgeon.
A river cruise of the Yangtze is the best way to explore the river.
From the river you can see some of the very best scenery that China has to offer.
You will also be given the chance to visit some of the rivers greatest towns which are dotted along its length.
You will stop off and see Lijiang City which is world famous for the Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
One of the most famous points of the river is the Three Gorges which stretches for 120km and is world famous for its stunning scenery.
This remarkable scenery really needs to be seen to be believed as the pictorial depiction on one of China's banks notes does not do it justice.
The Three Gorges has also become famous its dam and the world largest hydroelectric power station.
The First and smallest of the Three Gorges is Qutang Gorge.
This 5 miles long gorge sees the river pass between two mountain ranges, the Chijia Mountains and the Baiyan Mountains.
The gorge is incredibly narrow with its widest point being just 150 metes wide.
The mountains on either bank of the river can rise as high as 1,200 metres.
Because of the narrow gorge and high mountains Qutang is considered the most beautiful of all three.
A cruise of the Yangtze River will certainly make for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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