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Lessons in Surviving a Break-Up - How to Say Goodbye to a Heartbreak

Having someone leave you (or vice versa) sure is one painful thing to stomach.
A break-up is one crushing moment and one couldn't even imagine how to describe misery while being on that state.
Breaking-up with someone sure is upsetting and the trauma that comes with it may be too strong for us to handle.
However, there are just things that are meant to end and we have no choice but to wallow in pain for a while until we get used to it - and move on with our lives at last.
Below are a few lessons in surviving a break-up.
Pick yourself up and finally get your heartbreak out of the way.
  • Bleed for a while.
    Feel it, wallow in it - let yourself feel the raw pain.
    It never getsworse than that.
    The more you suppress it, the more you pretend everything'sfine, the more painful it's going to be in the end.
    And by that time,your ex-lover probably miles away from you - living their life andmoving on.
  • Give in to impulse.
    Killing yourself is not one of them however.
    When we say you shouldgive in to impulses it means that when you feel like going out withyour friends, drinking yourself blind, go wild under the rain, havesex - whatever.
    Just let it happen.
    It can numb the pain for a while.
  • Stay in touchwith family and friends.
    Nothing can be more therapeutic than stayingin touch with your family and friends while trying to mend a brokenheart.
    They usually make you a hell lot better, making you realize thereare still a lot of people who love and will stick with you through thickor thin.
  • Get a new passion.
    Start a new hobby, develop your talent, use your skills - whatever.
    Now's the perfect time to try the things you've been dying to try,to be passionate over a craft and to finally get your mind over yourfailed relationship.
    You'll be moving on way before you even realizeit.
  • Start datingagain.
    But not on the same day you got dumped - not next week,not next month.
    Start dating when you've somehow got back to the routine,when you know you can handle yourself once again.
    Dating doesn't meanyou're just killing time or trying to forget someone - it meansyou're off for a brand new start - and to open your heart to someoneelse once again.
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