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Ladies, What to Do With Your Arms

As a beginning dancer, there is so much to think about.
One of the most important things a follower can do is to know what to do with her arms.
I am not talking about styling skills here, but following skills.
As a follower, you must use your lat muscles in order for a leader to be able to move your body with theirs through, not with, your hands and arms.
To engage your lat muscles think about reaching toward the floor with the muscles in your upper back.
Engage your lats, not your arms.
This is dance frame.
This allows him to move you, through your connection.
You want relaxed, not tense arms that remain connected.
Now once he lets go of your hand what do you do? It can be confusing and you may feel a bit uncertain, but the best course of action, when in doubt is to simply either leave it where he left it or bring it back to neutral.
Leave them quiet and easily acceptable.
You must never reach for the leaders hand.
This causes confusion and disconnection.
If you are doing arm styling, and raising one or both of your arms, be sure to raise them in your own personal space, so as not to hit the leader.
If you are styling to the side, look out for other dancers or obstacles.
A leader has many responsibilities on the dance floor and adding Hide and Seek for your hand should not be one of them!

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