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How to Make Headdresses

    • 1). Tie the ends of your pieces of leather or ribbon to a chair leg or other stable surface. Weave or braid the strings into a strap.

    • 2). Tie a square knot at the end to keep the band secure. To do this, gather the ends of the leather or ribbon into two bundles. Place one bundle in your left hand and the other in your right. Tie an overhand knot, passing the bundle in your right hand over and then under the bundle in your left hand. The two ends should have switched hands so that the bundle that began in your right hand is now in your left and vice versa. Next, tie another overhand knot, this time passing the bundle in your left hand over the rope in your right hand. Pull the knot snug.

    • 3). Lay the newly woven band down on a table. Line up the feathers as you would like them in your headdress. Once you have them set out, weave them one-by-one into the band.

    • 4). Lay out any beads you may want to use in the order you want them. Using a needle and nylon thread, sew each bead into place. Secure the nylon thread with a knot on the back side of the band.

    • 5). Tie the band around your head and enjoy your new headdress.

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