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Nature Heals: In the Wake of Tragedy

Most of my writing weaves in and out of both my mundane outdoor experiences and my most wild adventures. Whether I am moving my body to basic breath and yoga movement on my paddleboard or bypassing gators in the swamps on my mountain bike, I feel the most vital and connected to my source. I am restored. It's my fix and by being in my element, the great outdoors, my batteries are recharged and I can continue to give to others, which is the answer to €what do you do for a living€? I help people find their passion. The how? Through psychotherapy and counseling, life coaching and group work, I talk with people about everything that is possible when you listen to the big and little voice speaking to you from within. In order for me to have the presence to be there for others, I go to my solar docking station, my outdoor battery recharge. Yes, nature, of all types.

I was on a swamp-trail mountain bike ride with a friend all morning on Friday and didn't hear of the school tragedy until I got back. Heavy and confounded, I remember thinking, ugh, I just want to go back to the swamp. Things make much more sense out there. Death happens, but in balance, without malice, without vengeance.
I typically do not bring news and politics into my yoga classes, but this one was too great to ignore€¦during my Float + Flow SUP yoga class on the Gulf Saturday morning, Isuggested we seek solace and peace in nature€¦I read my favorite ee cummings quote, which ends with€¦ €for whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find

Float. Flow. Find Self. Grow.

in the sea€.
I believe, deeply, that nature's energy is healing and by engaging in yoga and any fitness outdoors, we connect to ourselves in a way that is restorative, healing and energizing. Especially in the wake of the school tragedy and all other tragedies of the world, we must tune in and heal ourselves€¦

Through the groundless practice of floating yoga, we learn to adapt to the external conditions, connect with and strengthen our core. Falling in is part of the process, getting up and continuting forward is the inspiration we give each other to keep going for it - in yoga and in life - it's the same thing. We need community more than ever to encourage this moving forward.

The timing was just right that I had planned to take my Wellfit Women's groups on a trip to the swamp to hike on Sunday. We had the incredible opportunity to share in the quiet, nurturing of the backcountry where words were less needed. We happened to have two women that teach school to young children - I honored them, not without breaking down and revealing the throbbing emotion of my heart€¦and we moved on to let nature soothe the rough edges of our nerves.

Nature heals. Whether experiencing it alone or in community. Tapping into the great equalizing nature of the elements, we are humbled and accept our small place in the great scheme of the universe and living things. If we should be so humbled€¦

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