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Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are especially crafted thin shells of porcelain used to cover surface of stained, decayed or unsightly teeth. Applied using a strong adhesive material, they are directly bonded to the teeth. Veneers appear completely natural in appearance and last for a long time. Keep reading to find out the major benefits of these thin porcelain shells.

Improve Shade of Your Teeth

Porcelain veneers crafted from strong, translucent material resist stains and discoloration. They are color-stable. So, veneers are an ideal option if your teeth do not respond well to the process of teeth whitening or if your teeth fail to achieve the desirable whiteness after bleaching. Fluorosis is a condition that results due to over-exposure of teeth to fluoride. It develops brown or white blotches when you undergo teeth whitening treatment. Porcelain veneers can cover up these marks successfully enhancing the appeal of your smile. They are also designed to match the shade and color of adjacent natural teeth. The product with non-porous surface also protects the whites from developing future stains.

Solve Multiple Dental Problems

Besides improving the appearance of discolored teeth, the product can also solve a number of dental problems at one time. Dentists improve the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth applying porcelain veneers. Even whites that are slightly misaligned or uneven can be improved with the product.

Veneers can improve the feel and function of your smile by:

- Splinting cracked teeth.
- Making whites more symmetrical or even.
- Making short teeth appear more proportionate

In many cases, weakened or cracked teeth are no longer required to replace after porcelain veneers are applied. The veneer acts as a splint once the tooth has become stabilized. Porcelain veneers though appear thin, when adhered to tooth surface, become quite durable.

Eliminate Gaps Between Whites

If a space has been created due to a missing tooth, veneer is the most effective way to improve the condition. Your dentists will place the item over two teeth to conceal the visible gap between them.

Treat Rotated Teeth

Many people have rotated teeth. However, all of them are not comfortable in wearing braces and braces also appear unattractive. In this case also porcelain veneer is an ideal option to achieve remarkable result on rotated teeth, resting at a wrong angle. Your dentist will simply place a veneer on the front of your rotated teeth to make it appear straight and natural.

Not Easy To Detect

It is not easy to detect these thin porcelain shells once they are adhered on the surface of your teeth. They are virtually undetectable. The translucent quality of the product makes it hard to detect in natural or artificial light. So, they are great to offer you a natural looking lustrous smile.

No Special Care Is Required

Another major benefit of the product is that they require no special care. There are no special instructions to take care of the product. Simply brush and floss your teeth as usual to retain the look and quality of veneer. Porcelain veneers with proper care, can even protect your whites against decay.

You may be wondering whether porcelain veneers are right for you. Think no more and schedule an appointment with any professional cosmetic dentist who performs porcelain veneer procedure and enhance and beautify your smile.

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