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Dating A Nice Guy - How Can You Tell If He" s For Real

A lot of women have a hard time identifying if they are dating a nice guy. But some of them out there simply just don't care. They are dating with the sole purpose of enjoying a guy's company. These women are not looking for a serious relationship. There are also some who date because all of their friends are dating. They simply don't want to be left out. Others are just being pressured by family and friends to explore the dating world and find a man to marry. However, there are those who are searching for Mr. Right.

They are the ones who are uncertain whether the guy they're dating is nice or just pretending. If you're one of these ladies, you need to take a step back. Before you get serious with a guy, you should know some things first. Commitment should not be taken lightly. You will need to invest a lot of your emotions into the relationship. You can get hurt if you find out that he's not "the one". Here are signs that can help you determine if the guy is worth it.

Your family members and friends also like him. They are the people who care and love you the most. These people only want what is best for you. If they approved of the guy you're dating, then that means they feel he's a good guy.

He values and respects all that is of great importance to you. Even if he doesn't like animals, he would still play with your dog or cat. He would also be supportive of your career, hobbies, etc. The guy would have no problems with you going on a girl's night out with your gal pals. He would please the people close to your heart like family members and close friends. He would even go with you to Sunday mass even if he's a nonbeliever. All of these are indications that you are dating a nice guy.

He genuinely listens to you whenever you're saying something and respects your priorities. Most guys out there would appear to be listening to you, but their mind would be elsewhere. You would know that a guy loves you if he sincerely listens to everything you are saying and remembers it.

Both of you share the same values in life. Finding a man who has the same ideals as you is not easy. But when you do find one, having a relationship with him has high probabilities of working out.

He is devoted to you. The guy is not gaining your trust through words, but through actions. He gives you the feeling that he can be trusted. This only shows that he truly cares about you. He would never do anything to jeopardize the relationship and make you lose faith in him.

He's not afraid to take things to the next level. Some guys will suddenly run to the nearest exit once a woman starts talking about the future and marriage. You will know if you're dating a nice guy and is serious about you. He would not be scared to have a committed future with you.

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