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"The Great Darkness"

An example of Prem dhey Theer, inspirational arrows of love exchanged between soul sisters. This is an original poem extolling the virtue of Akal Purukh, the timeless being, the absence of ego, and immersion in primordial ocean of love which is Waheguru.

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The Great Darkness

There is a place, many dare not go...
It's into the Great Darkness and death of Ego.
In this place all that I am is "I don't know."
Surrendering my head at His feet.
The Ocean of Prem,
Akaal Purukh.

The treasure of the Guru's voice and visage.
An orchestral praise in obeisance of,
The Only,
The Only Doer.
Absent of fear or hatred,
The Ocean of Prem,
Akaal Purukh.

Boundless light emanating from all possibilities and directions
to all other possibilities and direction,
without distinct origin or boundary,
Timeless, Bodiless, Birthless, Deathless,
The Ocean of Prem,
Akaal Purukh.

All is seen as it is,
Kartaa Purkh, the Only Doer;
The Divine Play of The Ocean of Prem,
Akaal Purukh.

I do not know, I can not know, neither can I perceive, feel, think and know,
All this is Your desire.

You have countless eyes, yet none.
You have countless ears, yet not one.
Countless your hands and feet and heart.
Yet You are only and You are One.
Timeless, Boundless Seeing but Unseen.
The Ocean of Prem,
Akaal Purukh.
Waheguruuuuuuu member submission, exclusive license © Ananda Guru Daasa Singh.

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