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Help Cure Your Acne With These 3 Tips

Acne is so embarrassing no matter how old you are.
I had acne well into my 20s and couldn't bare to be seen in public (let alone take my shirt off due to horrific acne).
Here are 5 tips that drastically helped me get clear in an all natural manner.
-Tip #1: Check your diet Despite what doctors and dermatologists may tell you, diet has been proven to have a huge effect on acne.
Blood sugar problems can mess with your hormones, which will product more oil and eventually acne.
You need to stabilize your blood sugar if you are acne prone.
This is why some people can eat whatever they want and still have clear skin, and you may not.
They are not acne prone, and unfortunately you have to be a little more careful with your diet.
-Tip #2: Stop over washing I recommend you wash your face and body no more than 2 times per day.
Over-washing your skin will dry it out, which will cause your body to create more oil to compensate.
More oil = more acne.
-Tip #3: Get some sun Again, it's a myth that the sun is bad for acne.
Do not go out and get burned, but getting a little bit of sun daily will raise your Vitamin D levels, which is good for your skin.
If you live in a climate where it's hard to get sun in certain months, talk to your doctor about safe tanning beds.
I saw a huge improvement in my body acne after doing some light tanning at my local gym, but it's only one part of the puzzle.

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