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Motorhome - 5th Wheeler Or Caravan - Which Suits You Best?

With the influx of retiree's deciding to hit the road, one very important question they have to ask themselves before setting off is, which way do we want to travel? With hundreds of variations in the industry this process can become very daunting to some, so customers are spending more time researching their options when buying their RV.
Each person has a general idea of what they want do, but the confusion arises when they don't know what they are looking at, let alone knowing what it is they want to buy.
There are many different ways to obtain your information and talking to people who are already on the road is a great start.
If you visit the local caravan park or join a RV club, you will find an almost endless supply of information.
Each person you talk to will have a different opinion on what is essential in a RV from make/model right through to something as simple as utilizing storage capacity.
National shows are an ideal way to see what products are on the market.
Most manufacturers attend the larger shows with their latest releases but the biggest disadvantage is that you may not get the time or attention you require due to the volume of people that pass through each stand.
Once you have the basic information, visit a reputable dealership.
Most dealerships have an array of RV's to choose from plus you have the time to peruse through each one at your own leisure.
Also, take the time to talk with one of the sales team; they will have all of the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.
As previously mentioned, there are many variations so weight up the Pro's & Con's of a fifth wheeler compared to a motorhome as opposed to a caravan or camper trailer/slide-on combination.
Some key points to take into consideration are whether or not you want a complete unit like a motorhome, a combination of a vehicle & camper trailer/ caravan/ fifth wheeler, what you can afford to buy, how long the overall length is and licensing requirements.
Also, determine how much time you want to spend in caravan parks as opposed to free camping as this will influence any costs incurred by adding extra's that may not be necessary.
A motorhome offers easy accessibility to the living area from the cab along with the added security of an enclosed area.
The convenience of a complete unit is noticed when you pull over, you can use the bathroom, make a cup of coffee and a sandwich without ever getting out of the motorhome.
Maneuverability through towns and caravan parks is considered easier but when it's time to head to the shops for the groceries, an extra vehicle is required to eliminate the need to 'pack up camp'.
This used to be a problem but it is quite common now for travelers to tow a small vehicle behind their motorhome or have a motorbike mounted to the back.
Those of you who want a smaller unit but also want the versatility to go places a motorhome, fifth wheeler or caravan may not; a camper trailer or slide-on camper is probably more viable option.
Suitable for most sedans, 4x4's and Ute's, they are often more economical in terms of purchase price and due to their lower profile and general light weight; they give you better fuel economy from your tow vehicle.
Although some are quite fancy, some sacrifices have to be made in regards to space and standard features.
Fifth wheelers are one of the largest growing sectors in this industry and choosing one can be tricky.
You need to find a trailer that suits your living requirements along with a suitable vehicle to tow it with.
A fifth wheeler has all of the features and creature comforts of a motorhome but offers full length living space.
If you plan on staying in one spot for a longer period of time, the tow vehicle provides you the convenience of an everyday drive car plus it gives you the chance to explore the surrounding areas with more accessibility.
Just beware that some caravan parks may not have provisions for the larger models.
When you do decide to hit the road, take the time to look at your options carefully.
Take the necessary steps to ensure that you are getting a great product and find exactly what it is you want.
In the end, you are the one that has to enjoy the experience.

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