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Good Tires for Winter Season

Check the tires on your car to verify if the tires are good for the winter season.
"Tires are the contact with the road, determining how fast you stop and start, says Bob Toth of Goodyear's auto tires division.
"They have to transmit grip, traction, cornering performance, braking and ride comfort on any surface.
" Pay attention to the following points: Get the right size for your car.
That information can be found on the placard located on the inside of the driver's side door; in you owner's manual or on the sidewall of your current tires.
Tire dealers will ask you what make, model & year of your car to determine the size you need.
Buy new tires as soon as you need them.
Because a given model's estimated longevity varies, check the tread every 3,000 miles, Toth says.
Stick a penny in several different spots (Lincoln's head should be upside down).
If the tread is so worn that he top of Honest Abe's noggin is visible, you need to buy new tires.
Replacing tires before they are bald not only will improve your stopping distance and keep you safe, but it also can help ensure you get the best mileage possible.
Shop around for a good tire at a good price.
For many people, all-season tires are the best value.
"They aren't going to be the cheapest, but they offer the safest option with most mileage and lowest cost per mile.
Most of the time, the quality of the tire will be relative to the price you pay.
Premium choices will have more raw material and state-of-the-art design that will give you maximum wear; safety and traction," Spend some time researching what is available and appropriate at tire company websites or on independent sites like tirerack.
com or cars.
Researching in your own town and neighboring towns.
Problems of last Winter Upon getting your car ready for Winter, remember what problems you had last year.
Check out to see if they were solved.
Thus, eliminating of them showing up again.
The front door on the driver's side of my car froze last year.
I hope to solve the door problem with WD-40.
Check to see if Coolant needs to be replaced.
Check to see if you have working heater.
Check to see if windshield washer work properly and if it is filled.

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