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Mites - Symptoms and Solutions

Mites are microscopic creatures that feed on a variety of sources.
When mites feed on humans, you have a problem.
These invisible bugs are closely related to ticks.
They aren't necessarily parasitic as they can feed off of plants, garbage or yummy things like mold.
But there are species that will attack humans and the results can be devastating.
Bird mites and rat mites are common human parasites.
If a mite bites a person, there must be an allergic reaction in order to see evidence.
As with most pests, it is not the bite that affects victims, it is the saliva of the pest that causes the problem.
A few bites here and there will present as unexplained itching.
As the number of bites increases or if bites are always in the same area, redness and swelling can begin.
If unchecked and there is a strong reaction, the bites can start to fester, bleed and ooze.
But the good news is that these mites are not known to carry any sort of diseases.
But the lack of disease isn't necessarily a comforting thought to those who suffer from mites.
They are more active at night which affects the sleep of those battling these micro-monsters.
The sensations of crawling and biting are very real yet there is no visible evidence.
Enter the worst part about mites - they will make people feel as though they are going crazy.
Going to the doctor doesn't help as many physicians diagnose mites as a "Parasitosis" which means the patient is making this up.
If you call in an exterminator, they will either refuse to spray since they do not know what they are treating for or even worse, they'll spray some toxic insecticide inside your home that would have no affect on mites anyway.
(Note - mites are NOT insects so an insecticide will not work.
Insecticides kill insects, not mites.
) So as a victim you are suffering terribly, you seek out help from qualified professionals only to spend a great deal of money with no solution.
Worse yet, your doctor thinks you are nuts.
And you continue to suffer.
What is the solution? Use a safe and natural mite killer that you can spray on yourself, in your home, on your furniture, in your car, etc.
Every place you've been over the last several weeks may be harboring mites so you will want to treat everywhere you've been so you can get rid of them once and for all.

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