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Feel-Good Things to Do When You Feel Depressed

While chronic depression needs a doctor to diagnose and help find a solution, there are things you can do that will be helpful.
These tips may help you improve your outlook and begin the healing process.
Call a Friend: That's what we're there for.
Calling someone helps you to break through the withdrawal even temporary problems pose.
You don't necessarily have to talk about what is bothering you, just hearing another voice may be enough.
If you feel a need to talk, most good friends will take the time to listen and be sympathetic.
Comfort Food: While this is not an invitation to overindulge, comfort foods provide just that.
I would recommend that you look for favorite foods that don't contain a lot of salt, fat, sugar, etc.
That could just compound the problem by adding food guilt to the mix.
Create: To my mind, this is the best tip on the list.
We all have something we like to do that is creative.
Some of us have a list of favorite creative pastimes.
If you like to cook, create an interesting, tasty meal.
If you like to draw, get out the sketchbook.
Love music...
you can see what I mean.
Getting involved in the creative process can take away everything else around you, and when you come out of that zone, you will feel a lot better.
Exercise: There are several ways exercise can be beneficial.
First, it releases endorphins and other hormones that can have a big impact on your mood.
It's not called the "runner's high" for nothing.
Second, when your body gets moving, your mind can put whatever problems you are facing on the back burner, so to speak.
Not dwelling on the problem can give you a break, but your brain is a wonderful, beautiful thing.
While that problem is back there, it may come up with a solution or solutions that resolve the problem satisfactorily.
Imaging: I use this myself.
The concept is simple, the application powerful.
You can choose a memory, a favorite Bible passage or a piece of appropriate poetry.
I chose the 23rd Psalm.
I grew up in the country and now live in the city.
The rural nature of this passage helps a great deal, but the entire passage is great for this process.
I feel the soft, green grass.
I hear the gentle lapping of the still waters.
I smell the good food in the table behind me.
Most important to this image for me is sensing the Shepherd guarding me.
It has literally dropped my blood pressure from stage one hypertension to near normal...
in ten minutes.
Journaling: Anyone can use this process, but it's most impressive benefits come if you are dealing with chronic depression.
Sometimes you can't talk about what's bothering you.
In fact, the problem may not even be clear in your own mind at first.
Writing about your feelings and the effect they have around you can be just as cathartic as calling a friend.
The best part is paper can't talk back.
Whether chronic or temporary, we'll all feel the cold hand of depression at some point in our lives.
Having the tools to help you get over it fast is important.
Please note: Major depression should be dealt with by medical professionals.
While the above tips may be helpful, you will probably need stronger remedies.

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