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Gift Ideas for a Team Mom


    • Photographs offer an array of gift choices. One idea is to have a team photograph taken and then frame it. You could also have the photograph blown up to poster size and have the team members sign it. Another option is to have the photograph imprinted onto something as a gift. For example, a canvas duffel bag or throw blanket can be imprinted with team image. Photographs can also be scrapbooked as a thank you. Or if the team mom enjoys scrapbooking herself, give her photographs of the team throughout the season as well as the supplies to scrapbook the pictures herself.

    Gift Certificates

    • Another way to say thank you is with a gift certificate. Gift certificates allow the team mom to get what she wants from a given store and does not limit her to what you feel is the right thing. Gift certificates can be purchased at most stores and restaurants for varying amounts, allowing you to determine how much or how little you want to spend. Some grocery stores even have a wall of gift certificates to restaurants and stores in your area to make gift certificate purchasing easier. When choosing the right location to purchase a certificate, consider her likes and dislikes. Consider a certificate to her favorite restaurant, store or spa. Or, if you are unsure of a favorite location, you can purchase a Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift card. These cards give her the option to use it almost anywhere for almost anything.

    Personalized Gifts

    • You can give her something that is personalized. For example, you could choose a gift, such as a travel mug or a picture frame and have the team mom's name engraved on it. Or you could purchase a gift and have it personalized with the team mascot. If you choose to go with a mascot, use the team colors as well. Some items that can be personalized include throw blankets, clothing, folding chairs or coolers. Visit the gift store in your local shopping mall to explore the choices of other gifts that can be personalized.

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