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Treating and Preventing Flea Bites This Summer

Flea Bites are just about the most annoying thing in life.
They leave a painful scab after we have obsessively scratched the bite until it bled.
The hardest insect infestation to get rid of is the flea infestation.
If you have ever had one, you know it is horrible! What causes a bite to become itchy? Itching comes from the flea's bite.
There is an anti-coagulant in its saliva used to thin blood.
This is was causes an allergic reaction to your skin, and then produces red, itchy bumps.
The degree of reaction a person has to a flea bite depends on how allergic the person is as some people have extremely bad reactions, while some barely react at all.
Immediately after a flea bite, it is best not scratch them at all.
This is easier to say to then hear, but we all know in the long run it is worse for you if you have scratched them.
A secondary infection can be caused by scratching and then you will be left even worse than to begin with.
You can get help by relieving some of the itch with any one of the following; vinegar, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, or calamine lotion.
In addition, sunburn remedies, anti-septic creams, ice, and even hand-sanitizer can provide some temporary itching relief.
Knowing of course that a temporary relief is the best you can get from these methods, you must seek out the long-term answer.
That means you must totally rid your place of fleas for a long-term solution.
Trust us; you can do it even if you suffer from a bad infestation.
The best secret to get rid of fleas is following and keeping with your step-by-step lined out plan.

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