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Why You Should Care About Grammar

Most people don't care about grammar where in fact, their own writing badly needs to fixed it.
They couldn't be more wrong.
If everyone stopped studying grammar, then our use of the language will stop evolving.
Why? Because grammar is the language that allows us to talk about language.
Without grammar, you can't tell a noun apart from a verb; a pronoun from an adjective; a sentence from a fragment.
Grammar makes it easy for us to discuss language, especially how to improve our use of it to achieve our goals.
Everyone can string together words.
But if those series of words don't make sense, we turn to grammar to find out why.
Telling someone that they're saying it wrong isn't helpful until you can point out why it is wrong.
Grammar is the language that allows you to convey that.
Why are people so afraid of grammar? Because part of it is about noticing errors in language use and correcting them.
When you use your grammar fixing software, for instance, it scours your document for mistakes and corrects them.
Realize, though, that grammar is more than about finding faults.
Knowing grammar can help you understand why a sentence is clear.
That way, you can use the same principles to make your own sentences clear.
Knowing grammar helps you figure out why a passage is interesting.
That way, you can make what you say just as interesting.
Grammar helps us communicate better with the world around us.
No matter how much it tortured us through high school.

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