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HDTV Converters

HDTV converters are specially designed devices for signal conversion.
HDTV, also known as High Definition Television, is the most recent innovation in DTV.
The HDTV can telecast pictures with high resolutions which are twice more than the traditional analog telecasts and surround sound.
Generally, the HDTV converters are incorporated in most of the HDTV systems.
But, the HDTV systems are quite expensive.
Moreover, today, most of the homes have analog television sets.
To enjoy the effect of HDTV, you can implement a HDTV converter in your analog televisions sets.
The HDTV converters will transform the digital signals into analog signals.
Thus, the converter will help the analog televisions provide the maximum picture quality almost similar to HDTV sets.
To experience, the full benefits of HDTV signals, HDTV systems are always apt because the analog televisions will not be able to display the pictures with high resolution and surround sound as sharp as HDTV sets.
The HDTV converter automatically detects the input signal, which can be in RGBHV, YPbPr, or YCbCr format, and converts the signal into display with 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i resolution.
Apart from this, the HDTV converters can also take 480i component video signals, and decode into the display with HDTV resolutions, where, "i" means interlaced and "p" means progressive.
HDTV converters can transfer numerous pixels on a scan line into analog signals for horizontal resolutions.
In the case of vertical resolutions, the HDTV converters will transform the 16:9 ratio HDTV picture with 1080i into a 480 scan line picture with 4:3 ratio or a picture with 360 scan line with 60 line black letterbox bars.
Unlike the ordinary television converters, HDTV converters are highly compact devices embedded with cutting-edge technology.
With the increase in the demand, different brands and types of HDTV converters are available in the market.
Philips, Viewsonic, Doremi Labs, Inc.
, JVC Professional Products Company, and Panasonic are some of the leading brands in HDTV converters.
Prices of the HDTV converters will range from $150 to $300.
HDTV converters can be purchased from local outlets or electronic stores.
For better option in prices, brands, and types, online or electronic stores are always ideal.

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